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25 sec 30cc???

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  • 25 sec 30cc???

    so the golden rule is 25sec with 30cc espresso
    im just wondering, 30cc is for single shot
    for double shot , should that be 60cc?

    and the filter size also matter, right?
    so what if im using a small machine with a 50-51mm filter?

    its kinda random
    hope u guys understand what im talking about :-?

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    Re: 25 sec 30cc???

    Ill be interested in what the experts say.
    I usually aim for 20-25 ml in 15-20 seconds from a double basket--I like ristrettos and find the full espresso not to my taste.


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      Re: 25 sec 30cc???

      Hey wongyl

      For a single shot the standard amount of ground beans required is 7 to 9 grams & double that for a double shot

      Your 50/51mm PF may be deeper but may still hold the correct amount of weight in grounds to pull a single or double shot as above

      So the times of the shots are still the same

      I think that’s right ?

      What machine do you have?



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        Re: 25 sec 30cc???

        im using my SB Ristretto
        act. i got pretty great espresso from my machine
        but once i try to count the time ,the size of my basket makes me wonder if my extraction is too fast or not
        thats why i come up with this question! :


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          Re: 25 sec 30cc???

          Hi wongyl
          I generally try for about 20 - 22 seconds from a double basket as i find i get a great shot and there is generally no chance of blonding.
          Of course i get the odd sink shot as well but just an issue with technique.

          When setting grind i aim for anywhere between 50 - 60ml from the double basket in 30sec. I find it so much better if i keep all variables consistent.



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            Re: 25 sec 30cc???

            Welcome wongyl.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

            The standard you should be aiming for is, as has been stated above in one form or another, i.e.

            Single espresso... 30ml pour from 7-9g of coffee in 25-27 seconds.
            Double espresso... 60ml pour from 14-18g of coffee in 25-27 seconds.

            These volumes and times are predicated that you are using freshly roasted, high quality coffee only ground immediately before brewing; and that you are using good technique. Most people recommend to start off with Doubles initially as these are more forgiving of a less than perfect technique and allows you time to develop that perfection while at the same time, producing pours that are palatable.

            Once your technique with Doubles is down pat, you can then try your hand at Singles is you so desire but with less coffee between the shower-screen and the bottom of the basket, your technique will need to be spot-on in order to be able to pull consistently excellent Single espressos.

            When you reach the stage that you are reliably able to pull good quality shots that fall within the "ideal" window of volume and time, you can then start to focus more on the quality of the stream of coffee pouring from the spout(s). In essence, you want to ensure that you stop all shots at the first signs of "blonding" or even before while still achieving shots within the ballpark of the "ideal" framework. Theres a great "How-To" on aspects of this to be found on the Home Barista website... Here. And it is very much worth your while to read through all this info as it has been very well assembled by very experienced and knowledgeable people.

            All the best and most of all, have fun....