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How do you store your green beans?

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  • How do you store your green beans?

    Hi everyone,
    Just want to say that this co-op has some of the most hospitable people around on the internet.

    So would anyone care to share how they store the green beans at home?


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    Re: How do you store your green beans?

    Ah ... so it doesnt have to be air tight containers, etc.

    What are the things to avoid doing when storing green beans?
    Most people have said, dry and airy place, out of direct sunlight?



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      Re: How do you store your green beans?

      Graemes right about the smell it is quite strong when you have a cupboard full
      We keep them in lidded plastic containers in a cupboard which we have set aside for the beans. We are running our of them so some of them are still in the original hessian coffee sacks.
      The cotton bags are ok, and most members have been keeping the beans in them.


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        Re: How do you store your green beans?

        Thanks all for the tip off about the smell. Will keep a tight lid on it so that the missus will not get on my case.


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          Re: How do you store your green beans?

          I was just wondering where everyone gets their cotton or calico bags for storing green beans.

          For those of you storing beans in the plastic boxes with clip shut lids are you not concerned about humidity? Is some sort of dessicant required? I just read a note from someone on Coffeegeek that had problems with beans in plastic bags.

          If plastic is not an issue, then storgage in plastic boxes in a garage would be an option (lid would prevent dampness?)

          Ive had issues with some organism getting into spices & nuts. Is it true they wont touch green beans?

          Id rather get things right that ruin my newly acquired stash of green gold!



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            Re: How do you store your green beans?


            Calico bags have come from a variety of sources. Some supermarkets sell tham as alternatives to plastic bags. The local Aldi store was the resource for the early shipments here. They are a little harder to come by these days.

            There are a few of us using plastic boxes with clip type lids that seem to work pretty well. Mine are inside the house and I do not notice any effects of moisture or condensation. In a garage with significant extremes of temperature you might have an issue but I can only guess about that. The practical reality is you are probably going to turn your beans over regularly. They will last 2 - 3 years as greens but you might not have any particular beans for more than say 6 months.

            Cannot make a useful comment about the attraction or otherwise green beans have for bugz and organisms. They do seem to attract rocks but that is another subject entirely.

            Have fun collecting and consuming,



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              Re: How do you store your green beans?

              Well, Ive only had large quantities to worry about since discovering this site.
              I have so far bought 2 different sizes of rigid plastic containers. They were fairly cheap - from Bunnings. I went for ones that were NOT in the food container section. The food specific ones all seemed too small and more expensive.

              The smaller ones are about 40cm x 20cm x 10cm (going from memory here). They are marked as 6 litre capacity, but the lid is not flat, so a bit of space is wasted for storing beans. They hold about 3-4kg each.
              The other size I bought was about double that. Holds 5kg easily.
              I have been storing in our shed (attached to the garage). Thus far, I have not noticed any issues with moisture.

              I also think they are easy to label. We have an actual label printer at work which works very well.

              However, Ive only been doing this for a couple of months.