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A Durable Cup

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  • A Durable Cup

    Ive gone through a fair few cups over the last 25 years, mainly ACFs and Nuova Points.

    The lifecycle is typically a few years service, then a hairline crack, until finally it breaks. Some of my Nuova Points have gone a little chalky before yielding. (Mind you, Im still using a white tulip cappuccino cup after 14 years. It has had a hairline crack for the past 5, but it keeps hanging on...)

    Which brings me to my 6 Lavazza cups which I bought in 1984 and have used practically every day. I was disappointed after I took them home and removed them from the box - they werent ceramic as I had thought, but Arcopal.

    Oh well...I was a bit young and naive...

    Anyhow, I lost my first one tonight. These cups are virtually indestructable. They have fallen onto benches, floors, been knocked in sinks - and not a scratch.

    Tonight I fumbled with a cup and it dropped a few cm onto the kitchen bench...and smash!

    When they break, they really break!

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    Re: A Durable Cup

    I have some Arcopal crockery from the late 1970s.

    I convinced my wife to start using them a few years ago when our then current set needed replacing.

    Id always liked their reputation for toughness but never liked the colour (see through dark smoky brown).

    Havent lost a piece yet.

    The attached picture is not of my pieces, but shows the colour.