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  • Coffee Vacuum Containers

    Whilst perusing Victorias Basement ,QVB,Sydney (ok so I was expecting Victorias Secret ),I stumbled upon some Coffee Vacuum Containers made by Thermos for storing coffee. Two for $19.95 - one 600ml/one 1.1l.
    They have a handle on the top to remove the air and also a calendar to set use by dates.................
    Any comments as to whether these will prolong coffee life??

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    Re: Coffee Vacuum Containers

    dunno. probably depends on the seal.

    I got one of those vacuvin things, with a pump to suck out the air. Im drinking 10 day old coffee, which is tasting pretty noice.

    I guess the most important thing is keeping up with your roasting (or buying) so that youre not trying to store a months worth of coffee for a month ... unless youre into that.