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The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

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  • The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

    Hey all,
      Well, after this long of being a member i am finally posting. Let me put in a quick thanks to all members, your posts have help me a great deal in quickly gathering my roasting technique.

    Now onto the subject. Ive started my roasting and am doing pretty well (thanks for the recommendation of the Sunbeam grinder too). However being the generous soul that i am, i am enjoying taking my coffee to work(s). This is partly because a)i like decent coffee at work too, and b) one of my jobs is a restaurant with a decent machine, so i get the chance to pull out a few espressos for myself and my colleagues (still havent managed the money to get a GOOD espresso machine for home, saving though).

    However i am stuck when it comes to packaging up my coffee to take anywhere (or to give to people). Does anyone out there buy the little paper coffee bags like the stores use (and if so where do you get them?). I know Detpak sell them but only in cartons of 1000.

    Just after some ideas/opinions

    Regards, and i hope you all had a great easter

    Michael (SleeplessKnight)

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    Re: The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

    Hey Sleepless,

    Try Coffee parts. Youll see their link in the site sponsors section. They have a variety of different sized bags and you can get them in as small a quantity as you like.




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      Re: The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

      Agree with cd.

      The coffee bags sold by CoffeeParts are great for storing coffee, esp during degassing after roasting.

      I used them to roast-and-post coffee to my family interstate, as well as store my own coffee after roasting.
      Advantages over the paper ones is they are lightproof, sealed with a press-seal, and have the oneway valve to let CO2 out, and keep the oxygen from getting in.

      However I dont use them for my daily work coffee where I drink plunger coffee.
      Before leaving in the morning I grind enough for what Im going to use during that day and just put it into an airtight little Decor plastic container.
      A grinder at work is not an option, so this is the best of a "bad" situation.
      Its either take my own or drink the international roast provided at the office... and THAT aint happening .

      But definetaly check out the black plastic coffe bags, they are quite good.


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        Re: The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

        Thanks for the tips on where to buy guys. I lost my supplier and have been wondering where to get more bags. Now sorted, thanks.


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          Re: The art of coffee packaging - Bags anyone?

          Much appreciated guys, logging onto coffeeparts as we speak.