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Roasted Beans Storage - How long to keep in bags

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  • Roasted Beans Storage - How long to keep in bags

    Hi folks

    Newbie here with Rancilio Silvia and have just purchased 2 bags of random selection from the bean bay which arrived yesterday

    My question relates to how long the beans will stay good in the little foil bags they came in, if left un-opened?


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    That is going to depend on a number of factors, (Roast date, beans, blend etc), and you would get the best answer from the Roaster. (I presume Andy, but do not expect him to necessarily see this post).

    However in my opinion roughly, (and I presume they are whole beans and not ground), if left unopened and in reasonable conditions, (e.g. dark pantry, not too hot or too much temp fluctuations), then they should be OK for 3-4 weeks, and then they will start to noticeably deteriorate.

    You may get different opinions from others, in particular those that have purchased Browns from BeanBay.

    Note: You can also do a search on "storage" for a number of posts where this situation has been discussed.

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      Mine last a month but are starting to decline towards the end, so I wouldn't go much longer. A 500g bag lasts me two weeks and I split them into
      250g bags so the last one has been briefly opened.