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    Morning snobs,

    I'm relatively new to the coffee game, was having a wander through Kmart and found these jars with a blackboard lids, they're perfect for storing and noting different blends and they pretty much look awesome. Jam Jar with Chalk - 500mL | Kmart

    Although I question how air tight they may be, endeavouring to possibly add alternate lining to the under side of the lid. If anyone has any tips or alternatively storage options I'd love to hear, thanks.

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    As with any solid container the issue is all the air the beans are exposed to as you use them up and the level of the beans decreases.

    Light, heat, and air are the enemies of roasted beans. Best practice is to store your roasted beans in a container where they completely fill it, such as in an airtight/oneway valved bag that you can squeeze all the air out of and then seal, and then put it in a place out of any light and away from any heat source.

    There are literally hundreds (Thousands?) of posts on here covering every aspect of bean storage and peoples thoughts/opinions/experience on the subject. Use the search function (Near the upper right corner on every page.) to find them and have a good read of them for the answers to all your questions.

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      I appreciate this thread - I'm trying to think through more sustainable ways of storing my home roasted coffee without going through bags. The airscape type jars seem to solve this issue a little, but there are still people that won't be happy with them... What I don't understand is that there is an equally common discussion on this forum about the apparent waste of effort single dose grinding coffee is, as coffee filling a hopper will be used quickly enough not to worry. What gives?


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        Put the beans into a cheap twistie tie type sandwich bag and then put that into the one way valve bag. The one way valve bag will last a long time that way.

        I'm afraid that in your 2 months here you have gotten a skewed impression of how often the 'full hopper' as storage question is discussed/debated. The main discussion over grinding with a filled hopper or just enough beans for the current pour is one of how much does grinding just a single basket of beans affect the grind consistency. The question of using the hopper as a storage container is far rarer than the basic 'how do I store my beans' question. As to whether you can or not the difference in the quantity of coffee used per day, how airtight a hopper is, how large the hopper is, and the ambient environment are all factors in whether or not you can use up a hopper of coffee before it goes stale. If it works for you and you're happy with the results in the cup great! Most home users find the beans are stale well before they're all used up. As to waste, more coffee is generally wasted using a filled hopper than with grinding for a single brew. Not the other way around.

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