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Storing bean in the 'fridge

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  • Storing bean in the 'fridge

    I keep my bean in the 'fridge and have done since I bought my Espresso machine over a decade ago.
    It takes me a long time to use a bag of bean as I don't make good coffee every day and do a lot of Espresso-drinking in Cafes with mates.
    A 500g bag lasts me about 8 - 10 weeks.

    I am a "Wine Snob" who has been cellaring quality wine for about 45 years and I mention that to hopefully establish some credibility for my palate as I believe I can taste some of the subtleties of both wine and coffee.

    I can detect NO deterioration in my bean over 10 weeks, stored carefully in the 'fridge.
    By "carefully" I mean air squeezed out of the bag, seal engaged, and then the bag wrapped in a hand-towel and squeezed into a 'Coffee-Snobs' cotton bag. Bag placed in the bottom of the 'fridge. Why the towel and bag? Because it seems to work.

    I drink strong Long-blacks and I am quick to pick up any trace of 'stale' in a coffee.

    I only buy my bean from CS and occasionally from a local Cafe from whom I demand freshly roasted bean, so my bean is always within a week of roast by the time I get it.
    I would be interested to hear whether any other Snobs handle their bean this way and whether they get good results. On the other side of that coin, I am saying that the life of a bean can be made a bit longer than the folklore suggests.

    Freezing packages of bean did not work for me as I don't like putting frozen bean through my grinder and the 'fridge technique works just fine as the bean is only cool when it comes out of the 'fridge, and seems to come quickly back to room temp without attracting moisture from the air.

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    Java "No fridge for me thanks" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
      Other threads on the topic of storing roasted beans in the fridge: Java "No fridge for me thanks" phile
      Remarkable restraint shown there JP. I’m struggling.


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        Don't struggle, Leroy, we're all friends here, spit it out.

        (I'm aware of the previous threads that deal with this topic, I just wonder if there are people who have actually tried/used this method as opposed to those who maybe feel (in their water) that it couldn't possibly work but have never tried it)


        • Barry O'Speedwagon
          Barry O'Speedwagon commented
          Editing a comment
          Don't worry Rocky. If you look in the third post of the first link Java quoted, a well respected posted says words to the effect of 'Fridge storage is not recommended... but...I will resort to use of the fridge in times of consistently very high temperature- if I lived in the tropics for example.' Not something I've ever contemplated, but I understand that people live in different climates and the trade-off might be different.