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    I wouldn't worry about the profile dip, as such...
    There is still plenty of conduction and heat radiation going on, otherwise you would never get to 1st-Crack at all.



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      I am going to do another roast this afternoon I am going to aim for P5 manual till yellow of bean (approx 6-7min) then hit P4 to slow the roast till first crack, then increase drum speed for airflow. I have found I am getting first and second crack starting not far apart...... my thoughts if I slow it down it will help produce a longer first crack? Given this is my first bean I am roasting (love this bean) maybe I selected a hard bean to roast lol


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        Ok I just tried the batch roasted 4 days ago and my god it’s so much better then yesterday, light mouthful vibrant easy to drink it lacks a bit of full body flavour.... but with some more age we will see how that comes along!! Overall I am quite surprised that just 24 hours ago it was so different and just about undrinkable....

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          Originally posted by EspressoCyclist View Post
          My local roaster roasts this bean quite light, lighter then what I have done and it tastes amazing..... what gives lol
          Commercial style roasters have a very different heat transfer weighting to a corretto or behmor style roaster (which are much more air convection heating rather than metal conductive heating). I agree with your musings though - I've tried quite light commercial beans at wondered how that get the depth of flavour with such a light colour! I can't replicate in my setup… and believe me I've tried all sorts of things
          But in the end you simply have to work with what you have. You can't add 500kg of cast iron or SS to your Behmor profile, so will have to work with what you have.
          FWIW Yirg is not overly difficult to roast – In fact I've found there is not quite as much 'quirkiness' in roasting as it seems – most beans I roast with the same basic profile but just drop within a +/- 3-4° range to taste. So try a little darker – taste straight away (resting 2 weeks is painful! I drink most of my beans warm ) – and let us know what you think!


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            Tried another shot this afternoon (didn’t get around to roasting some more yesterday) but fantastic! It’s getting so much better!! I just also ordered some Sumatran Mandheling looking forward to roasting some of that in the coming days!!


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              I am loving the Sumatra at the moment so you are on a winner there. Just had another bag of it arrive today in fact. Enjoy. I also find the Sumatra is a great addition to a blend as it gives a great creama.



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                The Sumatran is fantastic so much difference to the Ethiopian I love the fact with a home roaster you can roast as much or as little as you like so waste is little to none! I have about four different beans on the go at the moment happy days!!!


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                  nice bump EspressoCyclist , I'm going to give the Yirg a go now too. I've done a couple of different profile on the Limmu which I'm waiting for another 3 days to taste but will also test the Yirg out now. Interesting read from everyone about rest times and good food for thought as I very rarely have a coffee still available after 10 days, let alone 14.
                  My usual rule of thumb is Roast, rest for 5 days then drink accordingly and as I roast 2 profiles each time to learn about the beans, the 250g into ~215g after roast leaves me and my wife with ~430g every 5 days. I 'will' wait this out and have to drink less Yirg each day to see the development.


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                    Ok, first roast done on the Yirg. Very interesting roast, not like anything I've used before.

                    I roasted 250g on the 1lb setting, Started on P4 for 7m30, then up to P5 for 6m30 at which point I was at 156deg, then back to P4. FC was at 13m30 and I then pressed C. Usually, I take this for 2-2m30 depending on what I can see the colour is like but the Yirg was so really different. Even at this temp, RFC is usually within 30 seconds but this was 1m5 and then the RFC was really muted and long to the point that I had to add an additional 30sec to the usual 3m10 allocated to the 1lb setting. Cooling at the moment and will change it up a bit to get temp in quicker with the next roast.


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                      RFC - Request For Comments? Richmond Football Club? Registered Financial Corporations? I'm not even going to try and guess what FC could be!

                      We don't charge per keystroke, using full words makes it far more readable and useful for a newbie too.

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                    Haha Andy, understood. As a diehard Hawks supporter, RFC could never mean Richmond and is never spoken of in that way.

                    FC/RFC - (Rolling) First Crack for reference.


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                      I like Hawthorn, particularly their 1984 and 1985 grand finals.

                      Wasn't picking on you, it was just looking at your post (like a newbie would) it was way too cryptic and confusing. TLA's* suck on forums making much of the content way more secretive than it needs to be.
                      *(three letter abbreviations/acronyms)

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                    And the second roast on the Yirg is done too. The extra heat into the initial roast saw a few changes with a shorter roast time overall.

                    Started on P4 for 3m, then up to P5 for 4m30 at which point I was at 160deg, then back to P4. This effected the temp as it was just when the exhaust fan activates so dropped 12 deg. FC was this time at 13m15 and I then pressed C and let it run out for the full 3m10.

                    My thoughts about the roast differences were that the initial increased heat may be offset by the drop in temp and the time it took at P4 to get back to ~155, time will tell.


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                      Ouch. Happily for me, 8 wins on the most important day in the footy calendar is the ledger since 85. I'll take that like the Costa Rican Miel SHB...


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                        Javaphile , great advice on the Yirg. I tried yesterday at 5 days, it seemed like it was there as I would usually expected but no flavour or developmental characteristics. Tried again today, slightly better. Will now wait for another 4 days and try at 10 and see how it pans out.
                        The Yirg v Limmu at 6 days are poles apart. Limmu lots of light fruit sweetness already, Yirg nothing yet.