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  • Stove-top Popcorn Maker

    After 3.5 years of roasting coffee beans in the locally-available pop-corn makers (and burning out one Breville and 2 B&D in the process), I decided to up my sights and invest in a "stove-top" popcorn maker.

    This gadget is described in " Home Coffee Roasting" (Kenneth Davids) and sold by Sweet Marias under the name "Whirley Pop".

    When the ordered "Whirley Pop" arrived, it appeared that the US supplier is in Indiana and the packaging box said "Made in China"!  

    There ought to be a better  route from China to Australia than one that goes via the Eastern USA as one of the intermediate stops.  This is written in the hope that a reader of the posting will take up the challenge and find a more direct route.  Too late for me, but it might help other CSers!