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  • First do they look?

    Hi guys, just roasted up a batch of the Brazil *something* from the starterpack in my new blinged-up Mistral popper.

    Im not really sure what im looking at, so i was hoping you guys would be able to give me some feedback based on the picture.

    I tried a small sample but the grind setting from the supermarket beans produced a grind on these beans that was SOOOO fine it took over 1m to get about 12mL out of the pour so it tasted very very burnt. The rest i have degassing in teh cupboard for a few hours.

    Anyway...i THINK these have just started 2nd crack...but theres a very high chance im wrong, so what do you guys think?

    Is anything im doing wrong evident in the picture?

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    Re: First do they look?

    zoomed out.


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      Re: First do they look?

      Id say you took these WAY into second crack. Theres multiple divots (little round spots) out of a number of beans that I can see. The beans seem to be very sheeny as well.

      Did you weigh the beans before or after you roasted them? How much was there?

      Id say the beans werent stirred much at the start of the roast, or it was a very small batch.

      It doesnt look as evenly roasted as I would expect from a Brazil, in my experience they generally roast pretty even in the popper.

      The proof of the roast is in the drinking though, so you tell us how they taste. But for mine, they look a bit overdone.


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        Re: First do they look?

        Hard to tell if its oil or shine from the flash.
        If it is oily, then most of the beans are well into 2nd crack.
        However, it does look uneven. The appearance is one of not enough agitation of the beans during the roast.
        When I use the popper, if I do not actively stir ro shake the beans around at the start, I get some uneveness.

        Grinding and cupping right away is not going to really give you a great idea of the results. Give it 24 hours and try again. If you still think the taste is no good, then you might have an issue with the roast.

        Also, fish out some of the lighter colour beans and break a few open. See how they look and smell in the middle. If they break open OK and smell roasted, then things are probably fine. If they are hard to break open, or smell a bit woody or green, then they might not have got enough roasting.

        But dont panic. It doesnt look bad. Give it some time.


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          Re: First do they look?

          They were stirred at the start just to get some momentum up...but once i thought it looked like the popper was circulating them by itself, i stopped (about 10-15seconds of stirring).

          Total roast time was 4:45 i think.

          and what i THINK was 1st crack was 2:30.

          I didnt weigh the batch, but i used two scoops of beans (using the butter scoop thingie that the popper comes with) as thats what the manual said was the maximum.

          How long should i be stirring for at the start? and is stirring required after first crack?


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            Re: First do they look?

            What was the starting weight? what sort of roast time did you get from them?


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              Re: First do they look?

              see above...and i dont really have anything to weigh them with.


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                Re: First do they look?

                I would probably be ignoring the manual as it is for corn anyway so wont really be appropriate for using the same guidelines for coffee beans.

                Will make it hard without scales. When you think of the amount that popcorn expands when popped it actually takes up a fair amount of room. More than coffee during second crack. My guess would be it is a fairly small batch when I judge it by the size of my butter dish from my popper. So this may be contributing to some of the uneveness perhaps.


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                  Re: First do they look?

                  With the uneveness, the divots, and the scorched tips it appears you need to slow down the roast.

                  Java "Almost time for the big Christmas roast" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Re: First do they look?


                    I agree with Java - the divots and scorched tips mean the beans were heated too quickly, you should try to slow the roast down. I have never roasting with a popper however I believe you should increase the batch size to achieve this or try roasting in cooler conditions.

                    Keep trying now you are on your journey, it will come together.



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                      Re: First do they look?


                      Yep, as above... heated too quickly.

                      You had too many beans in the popper, you need to reduce the amount to slow the roast down - smaller amount, more air passes through the beans (less is trapped) so the roast will slow down.

                      And you really need some scales rather than trying to do it by volume.


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                        Re: First do they look?

                        Did you roast with a fan blowing across the popper as well? That will help cool things down a little. The time is fast, fairly comparable to TG and my crazy popper (prior to TGs mods). Mine in my popper have been more even than what the picture represents though. Other than the very first roast I ever did as a test run where I burnt them to see the whole roasting cycle.
                        Is worth persisting though and you will get used to what works best for your popper. Is a lot of fun and you will be pleased with how it tastes in no time I am sure.


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                          Re: First do they look?

                          Definitely too fast a foast.... But you REALLY need to keep stirring, agitating and messing the beans about throughout.  The poppers tend to swirl them around in concentric  circles, so the position of each bean may not  change in relation to its heat source.

                          At least, that was my experience from the not-so-dearly departed Aldi poper.

                          If  the orbit happens to be near the hottest part of the popper, beans in that ring will roast quicker....while their  neighbours in an inner orbit will be much cooler.

                          Stick a long-handled spoon or similar in there and keep agitating them to prevent this concentricity.



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                            Re: First do they look?


                            All of the above is pretty well spot-on Zakal1 but without knowing the weight of the bean mass its all a bit academic really. You need a decent set of scales, preferably digital scales as they are simple and quick to use, setup blends as you gain confidence and experience, etc.

                            I found a great place to source digital scales from here. Have a look at their range and Im sure youll find something youll fancy. I had a set of small pocket scales with a maximum range of only 200 grams..... Ok for use with a popper but a bit of a pain when using a Corretto with its increased capacity, so I recently bought this scale. Hard to beat with an international Lifetime/30 Year guarantee 8-).

                            Regarding using the popper once the beans are mobile.... Try tilting the popper forward about 10-15 degrees by setting a piece of wood under the back. This will increase the level of agitation and mixing and thereby reduce the chance of scorching your beans.... Youll have to have a chimney fitted though or youll lose some beans . Either way though, you gotta weigh your bean batches for each roast or its all just a bit too much hit and miss, mostly miss . All the best,



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                              Re: First do they look?

                              Okay ill try and dig up some kitchen scales, and ill angle the popper forward.

                              However the tip about only using as much beans as the machine specified for the Popper came from the SweetMarias website.

                              Though given that ive fitted a chimney to it, it is probably no longer valid (if ever).

                              After reading the Crazy Popper thread, i also put a colander over the chimney as specified there (not for the whole roast though) so perhaps i could just try taking this off to slow things down.

                              Just to clarify a few things though:

                              1, I stir for the ENTIRE roast correct?

                              2, To SLOW the roast i use MORE or LESS beans? (as some above have said both)

                              3, i should aim to pull it out as close as possible to 2nd crack without actually reaching it correct?

                              cheers guys,