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Green Beans in Singapore?

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  • Green Beans in Singapore?

    I am a Danish homebarista that has recently relocated to Singapore. I have now used my store of green beans and are disperately looking for a vendor in S´pore. Does anybody know whether it is possible to buy green beans here?

    Actually I am also looking for a distributor of the ECM Giotto Premium.

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    Re: Green Beans in Singapore?

    I dont live in Singapore, but have visited numerous times in the last few years.
    I suspect you will have trouble finding a local vendor of small amounts, as the
    market for espresso style coffee is very small, and of course even smaller for
    green beans. Some coffee shops even import roasted beans. However, its
    easier to import items into SG than many other countries, so you may be
    able to order from the US or Aus (perhaps even a starter pack from CS).

    Of course, its worth trying some specialist coffee shops locally, they may be
    able to point you in the right direction. A couple of suggestions: