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SO roast times database?

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  • SO roast times database?

    Is there some sort of database available with some recommendations for preferred roast times for the different bean varieties out there? I suppose its probably a lot harder to compose a "preferred" list because tastes are very individual, but a general consensus type of list would be very helpful for newbies starting out in the roasting game.
    Why Ive decided to bring that up is because a couple of weeks back I roasted up a bit of Colombian Volcan Galeras in the popper and brought it to a rolling SC. It was quite dark and had a sheen of oil on it. Let it rest a few days and tried it as a latte and it was BAD! To put it into context, it was bad compared to Veneziano Estate, but having tried the Peru Segunda and Brazil Monte Carmelo in lattes as SO, they werent too bad. Reviews Ive read in the Cupping Room on the Colombians gave me the idea that they were one of the best SOs around so I was a bit disappointed with it. Then I thought that perhaps I had roasted it a bit too long and reading past threads on the colombians revelaed that most people find that the Colombians were best lightly or medium roasted ie. taken out just before SC or at first snaps of SC.
    If there was a database of preferred roasting for various SOs, I suppose I wouldnt have had to endure 4 days of not-so-good latte...

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    Re: SO roast times database?

    I believe Andy has something in the pipeline, perhaps we could use this thread for a discussion on features that might be included or questions for Andy regarding what he has planned for a web based roasting/cupping/blending? database.
    There was also another thread on a similar topic, you might want to suss that out, cant remember where, but look for "Adobe Roasting Logs" or something similar to that.


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      Re: SO roast times database?

      I check the roasting, cupping threads to get a general idea of what others have done.

      That gives me a guide and I experiment to see what works best for me.

      If you develop your own database you can then refer back to your previous roasts.

      There are just too many variables for a wider database, eg, you use a popper with 120g-150g, I use a bm with 300g-400g, moisture content of beans, temp, humidity, etc. The list goes on.

      That is without the vagaries of individual tastes and preferences!


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        Re: SO roast times database?

        Hi all

        Rolley wrote "look for "Adobe Roasting Logs". Its at:;start=all

        I added a screenshot of a preliminary database I was writing. There are some ideas there.

        I have added here a PDF which shows what data I collect via paper forms and which a database would need.


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          Re: SO roast times database?

          Here Here

          I know there are alot of variables which would make it difficult to provide optimum roast times. With so many types of beans out there, however, it would be good to know which beans lend themselves to "over roasting" or "mild roasting" so that you can base a decision around the second crack or colour change.



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            Re: SO roast times database?

            Hi All,

            Ive got it in mind to put together a summary of sorts to help newcomers to home roasting (prompted by Sparky actually) which will hopefully address the points raised here plus a few more. The problem is, as with lots of things these days, finding the necessary time to pull it all together. It is still my intention to do this within a reasonable time-frame (my interpretation there-of naturally ;D) but if someone else wants to kick things off before I get started, please do.... the more the merrier ,



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              Re: SO roast times database?

              This is the basic database I have made up using a spreadsheet. After I have done my roast it takes me about a minute to fill in and is great to refer back to.

              Now that I have anew thermocouple that is accurate I am happy to put up my data whenever I can.


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                Re: SO roast times database?

                Hi all

                One of the difficulties will be to accomodate the different detail required for say a Hottop owner and a GeneCafe and a novice versus an experienced roaster. As a GeneCafe novice Id like to lookup a temp and a time for an SO but a more experienced Hottop owner might want a ramp profile of temp versus time.

                Options are
                1. Web based with some CS roasters having update access and most others read access only, or
                2. Google spreadsheets e.g.
                3. An Open Office Database that can be updated by CSers and downloaded as a standalone. Using Open Office Database means you dont have to have MS Access.

                Each of the above has advantages and disadvantages.