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Another way to measure temp?

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  • Another way to measure temp?

    When Lizzy came to visit and we did a roast together to demonstrate the coretto, She had this neat little infrared thermometer to measure the temp of the beans.

    I was very impressed and went out and got one for myself. As some of us may be having issues with BMs and getting accurate temp readings etc with thermocouples, I just thought it would be a good thing to have as an alternative. I found it really good, although my justification is that I will also be using mine as a cooking thermometer when I make ice cream, toffee etc.

    Its available at Dick Smith for $49.95

    One tip - make sure you have new batteries - the ones they supplied with mine were flat ! ;D

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    Re: Another way to measure temp?

    Hi Lucinda,

    Ive thought of using one of these to check the roast temperature...... but was worried that the hot air from the heatgun would give erratic readings due to the heat haze in the bowl.....

    Are the readings you get stable?

    This would indeed be a great option for those who dont want to drill a hole through the wall of the BM and bowl to insert a thermocouple.


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      Re: Another way to measure temp?

      When Lizzy used it the readings were looking pretty stable, as I pinched the idea from her she is more practiced and will be able to give more info on this. I seemed to be getting some pretty stable readings - keep in mind that I have only done one roast and from observations it seemed pretty spot on. It has a laser beam that can be used to focus on a particular area too.

      I saw on the DSE site that they have a larger one that has an automatic data hold - not sure what that means but it is double the price and I cant justify it.


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        Re: Another way to measure temp?

        Hey Lucinda,

        Im currently in the process of setting up my Corretto roaster, so am interested in the different types of accessories people are using. This does seem to be an easier method of reading temp.

        One question though - looking at the info in the link you posted, it says that it measures surface temperature. With a thermo-probe drilled into the side of a BM, isnt that measuring temperature within the mass of the beans? (ie its submerged in the bean mass). Would surface temp be different to temp within the bean mass is the question Im wondering someone could clarify. Or would the difference in temp be marginal, and therefore not an issue?



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          Re: Another way to measure temp?

          This is an ongoing saga with CS roasters getting mixed results, most negative from recollection.

          A quick search reveals quite a few threads on the IR Thermometer topic.

 is but one.

          Basically a TC in the bean mass produces much more reliable results .............



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            Re: Another way to measure temp?

            I mainly use mine to tease the kitties. Its good just to get an idea, but is far from accurate.


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              Re: Another way to measure temp?

              If the probe is in the same place and the batch size and bean type the same, it should be fairly consistant even if not truly accurate.

              Ive found this to be true.

              My Kimel hits FC at about 205 on my meter.

              The El Slavador I roasted yesterday hit at a higher temp.

              I can tell with reasonable consistancy when my Kimel will hit FC and also SC.

              205 may not be the real temp and it may not mean anything to someone else roasting their own Kimel (maybe from a different batch), but for me the readings are relative and useful.


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                Re: Another way to measure temp?

                I used an IR gun for several months, and while it was better than nothing,
                the readings tended to be a bit unstable......on my home made open drum roaster.

                I dont think the hot air from the heat gun affected it much,
                but the constantly moving bean mass is not ideal for that type of temperature measurement.

                Have since worked out a way to insert TC into the bean mass, and it gives much more stable readings.