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Strange flavour, roasted too long?

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  • Strange flavour, roasted too long?

    Hi all,

    I roasted some of Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1, as per the CS starter pack, and this being my 3rd roast, (Heat gun and stainless bowl) I raosted until it was quite smokey and the beans were on par with the darkest roast on the CS membership card.

    Setting my grinder, I have had to take it back to almost the finest setting ( 1.5, usually use 2.5-3) (Quaha Nap 11), and even now, when tamping, the dose seems to compact far more than it ever has before, neccessitating a top up and re-tamp. even then it flows a bit too fast..
    The flavour is dry, very smooth and linear, astringent, hints of roasted wood, while at the same time having a underlying sourish tang reminisent of the smell of the raw beans...

    Have I over done it? Or is this just the way these bean behave?

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    Re: Strange flavour, roasted too long?

    sounds like it was a few tads too long under the heatgun, Sinkas...
    the roasted wood particularly sounds "ashy" to me...
    most of the Indonesian beans i have roasted i have done in a lighter roast, similar to Brazils. cinnamon or a CS9.
    but, i could be wrong...
    any Indonesian specialists out there??



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      Re: Strange flavour, roasted too long?

      Im not a specialist, but I have a bit of experience with Indonesian beans and it sounds like you went too far in the roast.

      The best results on these beans is to pull them just on second crack - when you get those first snaps. I generally go to SC9/10.


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        Re: Strange flavour, roasted too long?

        NO worries, Ill go easy next time.


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          Re: Strange flavour, roasted too long?

          I agree with the ladies on the roast depth, CS9 or if you prefer it a little darker go to CS10.

          Im also getting mixed messages in your post. Roast wood and sour sounds like an uneven roast (even more uneven than Mandheling) and you might want to slow the whole roast down a little and/or move the heat further away from the beans.

          Crack a few beans open to see if they are roasted evenly inside.

          For a rule of thumb, aim for a 10-12 minute first crack and then ease into the start of 2nd.