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Roast Monitor Software - (ORIG/OLD SERIAL VERSION)

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  • Roast Monitor Software - (ORIG/OLD SERIAL VERSION)

    if you have bought the new CoffeeSnobs USB meter then see this link instead: )

    Here it is, the CoffeeSnobs Roast Monitor SERIAL software.

    This software has been written specifically for the for the CoffeeSnobs QM1538 digital multi meter (DMM) that is which was available in BeanBay.  Roast Monitor is provided free of charge to members of for their personal use.  Please see the included file README.HTML for license and copyright details.

    CoffeeSnobs Roast Monitor

    The current version is V1.12


    1.   Install the software supplied with the DMM and check it operates.   This ensures your Com port is set up correctly.
    2.   Before installing CS Roast Monitor Software, update Java!
    3.   Install CS Roast Monitor.
    4.   Enjoy!
    • Download the file and expand it to an empty directory on your PC.
    • Connect your DMM to your computer and run RoastMonitor.bat

    Directions for use:
    • With the DMM connected to your computer and the probe in your roaster, start the software.
    • The current temperature will display in the “Now:” box.
    • When you have the roaster up to the desired drop temperature then press Go to start the logging.
    • Drop your beans into the roaster and click Load
    • When the roast gets to the start of first crack press the first crack button.
    • When the roast gets to rolling first press the rolling first crack button.
    • When the roast gets to the start of second crack press the second crack button.
    • If the roast gets to rolling second press the rolling second crack button.
    • When you dump the beans click on the unload button

    At the end of the roast you can click on Save to save the profile as a CSV file in a subdirectory called profiles.

    The filename will be today’s date (YYYYMMDD) and I would suggest adding something descriptive after the date without spaces.
    Eg: 20071120-YemenBani1kg

    If you are doing another roast then press Reset to clear the page.

    • If your DMM is connected to COM1 then it should work without modification.  If you use another COM port then the Roast Monitor will close a couple of seconds after opening it and you will need to edit the the COM1 settings at the end of Preferences.txt to suit your actual COM port number. (this file only gets created after the first run)
    • If you dont have a serial port on your PC you can find a Serial to USB converter in most good computer shops or from an online reseller.  $20-$50 approx.
    • This software will need the Java runtime installed.

    Default settings of Preferences.txt are:

    # Temperatures (vertical scale) in degrees Celsius.

    # Horizontal scale in minutes.

    # Plotting interval in milliseconds.

    # Frame size in pixels.

    # COM port.


    The Com port settings of the meter

    Bits per second: 2400
    Data bits: 8
    Parity: None
    Stop bits: 1
    Flow Control: None


    Different OS?

    For Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, download, extract the appropriate library to replace rxtxSerial.dll


    These settings should cover nearly all variations of roasters and shouldn’t need changing.  It will write the temperature to a file every 1 second, the total roast scale will be 300 degrees centigrade and 30 minutes long.  I would suggest trying to keep the settings like this so that as we share profiles the variables between us are much the same.

    A sincere thank-you goes out to John the software developer for all his work and putting-up with my frequent change requests prior to this CS’r release.  I have been using variations of this software for months at the Snobbery for CoffeeSnobs Brown roasting and it has quickly become a required tool to replicate my different roast profiles.

    The Roast Monitor software can be downloaded from:


    I have locked this thread as the QM1538 meter is no longer available and most of us are using the newer USB version of the software now.
    For more details on he USB version.

    We will leave this initial post here for CSrs who have the original serial version and a QM1538 meter.