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  • Indian Chikmagalur A

    Has anyone had any success with Indian Chikmagalur A from the last BeanBay sale?

    I find this coffee fine as a latte but as an espresso I cant seem to find a roast that does it justice. Perhaps these beans dont work well as a straight espresso?

    I am new to roasting and I am learning using these beans. I have a hottop roaster and have ejected it at various stages of first and second crack but I always find it too bitter. As I said, they are all fine roasts when you add milk, but I want something that is good with or without milk. Has anyone had success?


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    Re: Indian Chikmagalur A

    I reckon it gets nailed on the "quick and dirty" approach. Its a bit too smooth with slower roasting methods. Go for the 6-7 minute popper blast and see how it turns out.


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      Re: Indian Chikmagalur A

      Thanks nunu, unfortunately my hottop doesnt give me the option of such a quick roast and I dont have a popper. My last roast was probably the best yet even if still too bitter for espresso. I ejected during first crack when it was as its most active and it made for a wonderful latte. But the search continues for the perfect espresso!


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        Re: Indian Chikmagalur A

        Hi all

        I just roasted this today. The cracks are the loudest I have ever heard. (The Mocha Java I did was so quiet I didnt hear any cracks). This was was clearly loud through the glass of the GC. The Chik was done in a Gene Cafe at 235C FC at 12mins, SC at 15 I think. It was hard to tell as FC lasted so long.



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          Re: Indian Chikmagalur A

          Ive found this one tricky to roast in the Corretto and you really have to keep your eye on it especailly at FC.

          Im fine getting it to first crack at around the 10min mark but then it just goes almost straight into second. Ive tried slowing it down after FC but it just wont give in!

          Is this because the beans have some much natural sugar?
          Anyone got any ideas how to nail this roast?
          Not much has been posted here or in the cupping room about this one and Id like to know how others are going with roasting it.

          Im keen to nail it as I reckon its gotta be a ripper bean, nice and sweet.

          I roasted some tonight and again as its a nice cool night in Melbourne. They almost went straight into SC from FC even thought I slowed it right down at FC. Damn! Heres how it went:
          FC 10min 16sec @ 197c
          RFC 10min 56sec @ 205
          SC 13min42sec @ 221 which is when I pulled it as it was looking a little dark.

          So I through some in the Mazzer and ground them up, pumped out a shot from the VBM and...a little bitter, bright as its still degassing, but an awesome sweetness.

          The good news is, THEY SMELL WICKED and the whole house smells of them.

          So, how are others going with their rosts of this bean?

          Javabeen roasting tonight.


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            Re: Indian Chikmagalur A

            I don’t have the same problem using my hottop with it rolling into SC. Using the hottop there is a definite pause between the 2. If I run it too far into SC they can get pretty oily and taste awful so i keep it either in FC or early SC. Using your corretto you might like to try dumping towards the end of FC and see how it compares?

            I have almost used up the last of my stock of this bean, but would happily buy more had they been available on tonight’s beanbay. luckily I secured a decent range of other beans to play with.