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Crazy Popper Mods - where to stop?

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  • Crazy Popper Mods - where to stop?

    Hey all, Im new to new to CS and am keen to statrt trying some roasting. Thanks to all the info posted on using / modifying a crazy popper, I can wait to give it a try.

    A friend just gave me a PID set point controller and I am toying with the idea of using it with a crazy popper to control the rate of temp increase during the roast. Has anyone else tried this or am I just going too far? For 100g roast, what would be an ideal time to aim for between 1st and 2nd cracks?

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    Re: Crazy Popper Mods - where to stop?

    No, not going too far. Its been done before. See here for example:

    1st and 2nd crack targets? You may get different opinions on this, and depends on bean type etc, but generally 1st should start around 8-10mins, and Ive been stretching out start of 2nd to 5-7mins after that, depending on bean.



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      Re: Crazy Popper Mods - where to stop?

      Thanks for the link and info Bill.

      It looks like a bit of work but Ill try and give it a crack.