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Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

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  • Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

    From Dennis offer pack, I finished his Yirg a few days ago and his Shire blend yesterday.  My personal favourite bean is now Yirg.  

    Ive been spoiled now it seems, by Dennis beans/roasts however,. because this morning I broke into a roast (5 days PR),..of my previous favourite bean, Mexico Veracruz, that was pulled right at the start of SC and looks like CS10.  I was so disappointed by comparison to what Ive been thoroughly enjoying in the cup over the last 4 days. I was unable to detect any beautiful subtle nutty like flavours that were knock em out present in Dennis roasts. I enjoyed my Mexico Veracruz roasts before (picking up a fruity flavour usually) and even though this time I pulled them earlier I thought, all I can detect is an overwhelming charred taste.    Thanks Dennis!!  > > >

    ::pulls popper from cupboard and boots it over the back fence::

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    Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

    Originally posted by Remy link=1205539812/0#0 date=1205539812
    Thanks Dennis!!  > > >
    My pleasure Remy ;D 8-)

    You know where you can get more, and postage is now $7 for items up to 1kg.


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      Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

      I tellya,.. if I didnt just take delivery of 10kg of green on Thursday,. I would be pretty set on doing just that and giving the roasting a miss... but... Im locked in now and on that path for the next 10kg at least.

      Picking up some more of Andys roasted beans again and those from my local roasters also would be something Id do too because when I tried these in my very newbie days,  I had no decent grinder (bought local roasters beans pre-ground and smooshed some of Andys in a blade grinder) and/or very little CM experience and knowing what I know now,. I think I must have murdered them beans.


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        Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

        Jokes aside, hang in there with your home-roasting Remy. I know from personal experience that it can be frustrating at times, but its an incredibly rewarding experience when you get it right and all the stars align!


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          Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

          Thanks Dennis,....yeah its funny.. I thought I was doing fine with my roasts until I tasted something totally different. Its kind of hard to know how youre really doing when your going in blind for want of a better term. Like most of us I suppose,.. we flounder along without having had any decent reference tastings to compare our own roasts to.

          Well actually, when I think about it,..the reference tasting that I was comparing my roasts to, was instant coffee since thats what I used to drink all the time prior to this, and all I knew was that my roasts were waaaay better than that stuff and so I was very happy in that regard.

          Ill keep roasting for now,. and hopefully my next roaster will give me better results. The stars will need to realign by the time I use up 10kg of green let me just say,..otherwise Ill be booting the new roaster over the back fence also, to join the popper.


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            Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

            Remy, give yourself time. It takes a while to get the hang of home roasting. My first roasts werent perfect, and most of us would say the same thing. It took a lot of reading and practice for me to get up to a great standard of my home roasts. Just ask lots of questions and people are always happy to answer.

            Also, roasting in summer is not easy, especially with a popper. I havent even bothered to roast in the coretto during Adelaides heat wave and have ordered some of Dennis shire blend, which OG and I really like, to get us through to when I can roast and have some ready.


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              Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

              Yeah thanks Lucinda,. I think Ill be right once I start doing roasts using something other than the popper. The popper is just too hot too fast.

              I have learned quite a lot using the popper though, so it hasnt been a total waste of time by any means,.. and for certain..I am still drinking coffee that tastes better than many cofees I have paid $3+ a cup for, despite the poppers shortcomings.

              I now know what to listen for in a roast, what to look for, can now clearly see the first signs of smoke, know that I need to extend the roast time, especially between cracks etc., so armed with this and a new roasting device that might help me achieve some of the above... I should be able to pull out better roasts in about a week from now I hope.


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                Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

                Poppers are a simple and cheap way to learn about roasting, and because it is a steep learning curve, you learn a lot very fast and once you move onto a coretto or something you will find it much easier.


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                  Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

                  More roasting had to be done today since I was running out of roasted beans much faster than previously calculated.  

                  Yesterday I pulled my grinder to pieces (and I mean was scary) to replace one part. Once back together, it took a lot of fiddling for me to be able get the grind dialed in for the perfect pour with my new dosing/tamping routine also, and I wasted heaps of beans (like about a dozen or more doubles) in the process  .  

                  I still havent finished my new roaster either as planned this week,.. too many other things demanding my time,.. and there was no way I was going to put another bean in the popper.

                  So,..out with the heavy saucepan and I fired up two of the four burners on the BBQ and I have to say,..while this was uncomfortable (heat in face and stirring hand) and slightly laborious having to stir constantly,.. I was very pleased with the look of the roasts when done.

                  I havent a clue about whether these were good or bad roasting profiles,..(I really must print off the next time I see the recommended profile),..but theyre done now and will just wait and see.

                  First batch I roasted was 200g of Dennis Daterra Sweet Collection
                  FC at 13:20 which I imagined was way too long. SC at 21:00 again I suspect too long and pulled after about 40sec. This roast looks like CS9,.matt in appearance, and after 5hrs there would be less than a dozen beans in the whole roast that have the tiniest speck of oil. It will be interesting to see how much oil develops in this roast over the next few days. It smells devine at this point in time.

                  Second batch I roasted was the remaining 180g of Honduras Marcala and because I wanted a little larger batch than the first roast, I added also,.. the last 65g of my CS Blend.
                  FC at 14:30 and SC at 23:00 pulled after about 40sec also. Probably too long again I dont know. It looks to be CS10 but again, very little oil, about 2 to 3 beans per handful with tiny specks. Matt in appearance also. This roast too smells devine.

                  What outstanding differences did I discover in these roasts compared to popper roasts? Im glad you asked.  ;D

                  1. aroma.  With the popper roasts,.my clothes, hair(for days) and beans smelled charred,..(though crack a bean open and they were not burned through or anything...just the surface). This was not the case with these roasts,.despite actually being more hands on. Beans resting in their bags right now smell gorgeous, overhanging charred smell at all.

                  2. Appearance. In both of these roasts, the beans finished matt. Popper roasts always finished satin, shiny, or a combination of both and in the popper roasts, there was a lotttttttt more oil specks present right after roast..and developing quite a bit more oil in the days that followed.

                  3. Time. no need to explain that.

                  I guess there might be a possibility that I baked these considering the length of the roasts, I dont really know. But from what I can see and smell from these two roasts so far,... I am excited.... I cant wait to grind these beauties up and taste the results in the cup.


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                    Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

                    HI Remy, when I started roasting on my popper the roasts were over in 5-6 mins and they were a little unneven and tended to go oily fairly quickly.
                    With Corretto Ive extended the roast profiles to whatever time I require and my garage smells great the rest of the day after roasting.
                    I gave one of my business customers a sample of a blend I roasted and they raved over it so now I have a regular client for "Greenz Beanz", Ive got them onto so roasts at the moment.


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                      Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

                      Greenz Beanz...Way to go!!

                      Well I just checked my roasts about 30mins ago and had to test one in the cup too (Honduras) ,..well only because I didnt have any other beans left.

                      The beans dont appear to have developed any more oil at this stage(and maybe they wont now?),.. they look the same as they did just after the roast,.. matt surface with a sprinkle of beans having a tiny speck of oil. They smell absolutely heavenly!!! with the Daterra Sweet Collection having a very distinct aroma of freshly roasted nuts . I have not experienced this smell from my roasts before. In the cup... 24hrs post roast and its surprisingly drinkable, tasting a very faint wet cardboard in there(which I expected so early post roast),.. but could still easily detect subtle nice flavours so I think once its rested more,. it looks like it could be very nice in the cup.

                      Im just dying to try the Daterra. I have never had it before, whereas I have enjoyed Honduras a lot(maybe not as much as I might be about with this roast),.. but will keep using the Honduras..and hang off on the Daterra until it is at its best.

                      The coffee aroma in my kitchen is pure bliss,.. especially whenever I open my coffee cupboard or the glasses cupboard next to it,.. you get a big nose my nose is not big.


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                        Re: Ive been spoiled..and cant go back.

                        Originally posted by Remy link=1205539812/0#8 date=1206189416
                        I guess there might be a possibility that I baked these considering the length of the roasts, I dont really know. But from what I can see and smell from these two roasts so far,... I am excited.... I cant wait to grind these beauties up and taste the results in the cup.
                        Gday Remy,

                        Not necessarily..... So long as the temperature gradient continues to climb, doesnt plateaux or descend, then you should be ok. I guess in an ideal world you would try to have the roast completed this side of 20 minutes but a couple of minutes over isnt going to do too much damage,

                        Cheers mate ,