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Gene Cafe--success at first go!

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  • Gene Cafe--success at first go!

    Well, my Gene Cafe finally arrived in Adelaide yesterday after the first order went to Perth!
    I got some hints from Mark Barun (The Coffee Barun) after he checked it all out--great service Mark!
    Unpacking was quite exciting, there are foam protectors everywhere outside and inside the machine. Its quite a bit bigger than I expected, but not huge. I set it up under the exhaust fan on a board on top of the stove.
    I decided to try some Rwandan as my first go, so I weighed out 250 grams of green beans, poured them into the roaster bin, put the bin into the machine and turned it on. Set the timer for 18 minutes, the temperature for 230°C and pressed go.
    First crack was easy to hear at 11 minutes, despite the exhaust fan running. It would have been easier to hear without the exhaust fan--except I couldnt hear anything over the smoke alarm!
    Second crack started at 18 minutes and I pushed stop and started the cool-down.
    10 minutes later it was all done and I poured the now only warmish beans into a bowl and took the following pic.
    I couldnt wait to try the coffee so at roast plus 2 hours I had my first cup. I tasted quite good--no obvious burnt flavour or anything else wrong--Ill try again on Thursday.
    This was the easiest roast Ive ever done, and I can see that the Buy Green button is going to get a workout, as well as scrounging further green from Mark.

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    Re: Gene Cafe--success at first go!

    They look pretty good, Greg. /thumbs up/


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      Re: Gene Cafe--success at first go!

      The Rwanda went to work for the automatic machine and a staff treat before Easter. At roast plus 2 days it tasted great and all disappeared quickly, so I wont be able to try it at roast plus one week. There was a hint of toast so I decided to go for 1 shade lighter next roast.

      Ive also put 250 gm of Ethiopian Limu and 300 gm of Colombian Volcan through in the last couple of days.

      The Limu tastes great at roast plus 1 day. These beans came out less even than the others.

      The Colombian tastes good at roast plus 2 hours, and the beans are very even in colour.

      Profiles on the Gene Cafe:

      Ethiopian-250 gm set: 230° for 19 min
      f/c @ 11.6 min, reduce temp to 225°
      s/c @ 18.8 min, stop at 19--cool.

      Colombian-300gm, set: 230° for 18 min
      f/c @ 11.6 min, reduce temp to 220°
      s/c @ 17.6 min, stop at 18--cool



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        Re: Gene Cafe--success at first go!

        Thanks Greg for your posts re new GC

        Ive had mine for few months and still feel Im getting to know it. There is so much flexibility in varying the roasts by adjusting the temperature as you go. Still I dont seem to be able to do it wrong, all my batches but 1 seem good, though different.

        How did you figure out your different roast profiles/temps for your first roasts of various beans?



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          Re: Gene Cafe--success at first go!

          Originally posted by happyfeet link=1205827482/0#3 date=1206135907
          How did you figure out your different roast profiles/temps for your first roasts of various beans?

          Hi Robert-

          The first roast I did following the basic recommendations I got with the machine (250 gm, 15 minutes, 230°) and adding some time until I got to second crack. I think I over-did this--or under-heard it.  :-[

          I then did some reading on the science of coffee roasting (Google search) and concluded that:

          1. Around 210° should give me the darkness I wanted, but stalling the roast is bad.
          2. You need enough time between first and second crack for the development of the flavour consistent with the least carmelisation of sugar to maintain sweetness.
          3. Maximum roast time should be less than 20 minutes, minimum time more than 14.
          4. Hard, dense beans roast slower and require more time between first and second crack. 4 minutes is OK for large soft beans, 6 to 7 is better for hard beans. So I slow it down at first crack by reducing the heat input because there is an exothermic reaction at this point.

          Im experimenting within these parameters to get an even roast, of the right colour for me, with maximum fruit flavour and sweetness.

          I found the science reading a great help. I recommend the web site of Willem Boot especially, although others had good info as well.

          I hope this helps. Im having a great time!