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  • poor results

    Hi everyone,.

    Looking for some advice as my roast quality has taken a big hit and its driving me nuts.

    There are 2 factors that have changed...roasting method and storage system.
    I recently moved from a popper to a corretto and have now managed to get a decent roast profile (FC 195deg @ 10min / SC 220deg @ 16min).
    At the same time I also converted to valved bags from plastic jars with rubber seals.

    Using the popper/jar combo I would leave the jar cracked for about 12 hours, then seal it up. The next day and the following days the beans were smelling and tasting great...esp when ground.
    Now...using the corretto/valve bag combo, the beans arent smelling that great on day 2 (or later) and have a very sharp? bitter? (i dont know how to describe it) smell, especially when ground.
    Needless to say they dont taste as good and the crema is also much weaker.

    So...Im wondering whether the valve bags require much longer periods to rest and degass or if theres some problem with my corretto that Im missing. Or is it something else all together that I may be doing wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: poor results

    Really? I noticed mine was tasting better from the first day I made the transition to corretto despite getting to SC quicker than I would have preferred. Generally, I would let the beans sit in the one-way valve bags for at least 4 days, 7 if I can wait.
    Are you pulling out the roast at the same stage for both the popper and corretto (ie. first snaps of SC or 30secs into SC etc)?


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      Re: poor results

      We always say only change one variable at a time.

      Have you tried a corretto/jar combo?
      Or a popper/bag combo?

      I dont recall anyone else using jars so you may have to try the above combos to try and locate the root cause of your problem.


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        Re: poor results

        I use vaccum canisters and valve bags for my beans and pack them once im sure they are cooled.
        Maybe you are roasting to dark!
        Are your beans devolping a lot of oil on them?


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          Re: poor results

          The roast times sound ok, what type of bean are you roasting?
          They should be fine in one-way valve bags.
          Did you pull roast at start of SC or into rolling SC?
          How quickly did you cool the beans after pulling roast?


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            Re: poor results

            First up, which bean variety are we talking about here?



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              Re: poor results

              Thanks for all the replies so far...

              I will split a batch and store half in the bags and half in the jar.

              I have been pulling them at roughly equivalent roast levels (start of rolling SC).

              The first batch was Summatran (even after a weeks rest this wasnt very good).
              The last batch was Dimbula from QLD. I thought Id try the Dimbula again just to compare, then Ill try the Columbian from the starter pack.


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                Re: poor results

                If your Sumatran is anything like the Blue Batak, best results are if you pull the roast out just as you get the first snaps of SC and no further.
                Say, out of curiousity, what is the start temp, at what time are you getting to 100 degrees, 140 degrees (assuming you get to FC at 10 minutes as per your first post)?

                I only (reluctantly) decided to go with the corretto because the temp was getting a bit warm at the end of spring and poppers dont fare too well in warm weather ie. its over way too quickly despite the mods. The corretto looked the goods with its main advantage being its easier to control temp. The beans came out much nicer with the corretto, so much so that even as the colder weather is approaching, Im unlikely to go back to popper roasting now, unless I want to do a 80g batch of the robusta for blending.


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                  Re: poor results

                  I took some rough measurements as I own havent figured out the software yet.
                  This was 300g of Dimbula.

                  150 deg @ 4:00
                  180 @ 6:30
                  190 @ 9:40
                  192 @ 10:20
                  195 @ 10:40 (FC)
                  201 @ 11:35
                  206 @ 13:00
                  217 @ 15:40
                  220 @ 16:15 (SC)
                  Pulled at 16:30 on verge of rolling.


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                    Re: poor results

                    to add my 2.2c worth...

                    Your profile looks very good, I would suggest trying the Columbian as the Indo and Oz beans can be tricky to get right and the Columbian you can roast with your eyes closed.


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                      Re: poor results

                      Thanks Andy...that at least makes me feel a bit better. Ill give the columbian volcan a run today.