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Grinding and then resting?

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  • Grinding and then resting?

    Hi all. I have a mate with no grinder but who loves my coffee...dilemma yes.

    I usually roast and then rest the beans and grind as and when needed (like all good CSers).

    But I have just done a roast of Peru VRGA and she is desperate for a hit. Given that I grind them and usually stick them in a valve bag after resting, I dont see any reason why I shouldnt grind now before resting and give the ground coffee to her. In fact it will probably massively increase the rate of gassing off so that she can use it straight away...any thoughts about this?


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    Re: Grinding and then resting?

    I remember posting somewhere about this. I hypothesised that you could realistically grind and put it into a valve bag, and it would accelerate the degassing process.

    There has been no trial to prove or disprove this theory.


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      Re: Grinding and then resting?

      Cheers Nunu


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        Re: Grinding and then resting?

        A commercial roaster I visited does grind immediately after roasting (or very soon after) and it was mentioned that it does speed up the degassing process.
        Whether it inhibits the development of the bean flavour, I have no idea.


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          Re: Grinding and then resting?

          hi ozscott

          we used to roast, grind and send same day but not anymore

          i found that the coffee taste didnt mature and was left with a dull taste
          we rest most beans about 3+ days before grinding
          try it for yourself
          proof is in the cup

          IME ground beans do degas faster



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            Re: Grinding and then resting?

            When ground, the coffee does degas pretty fast, the reason some use a 45 second rule from grinding to pulling a shot for espresso. But the flavor just doesnt seem to mature if done just after roasting. When trying to sample the roast or in an emergency I grind a bit finer and grind/rest for about 4 min. max. Its hard to hurry nature.