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Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

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  • Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

    This one of my better but simple ideas

    My intension is to use it with an exhaust fan fitted to the bottom of the 20lt bucket

    But I cant see any limitations to it been used just as it is with fan blowing from above and no bucket as long as it is raised off the ground to allow air flow to pass through

    Inserts for 20lt food buckets
    I used Nilex round plastic basins with handgrips but $2 Dollar shops may be cheaper for similar basins
    It fits to perfection inside the 20lt food bucket to act as a guide for most cooling devices or fit a screen to make it a flat bottom cooling colander in its own right

    I have cut the centre of the bottom of these basins leaving a 20mm lip left on the inner edge
    The ring handle fits firmly over the buckets lid edge to form a good seal but can still be easily removed on and off if required.

    The lip that’s left on the inner edge after the centre has been cut out is to accommodate several cooling implements from colanders and steamer inserts to fitting a purpose made screen

    The main reason I chose this is
    Flat surface to cool the roasted beans fast (as opposed to a concentrated mass of beans)
    Cheap to buy
    Easy to make

    Now for some pictures
    From left to right Drawing of set up, basin with centre cut out, basin outer

    With steamer insert view from above, view from below, how a colander fits (Note colander fits better without handles)

    Koffee Kosmo

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    Re: Cooling Insert for 20lt Bucket

    Now I get it.


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      Re: Cooling Insert for 20lt Bucket

      Another great thing about this system is that it is stackable

      You could add different or appropriate screen sizes e.g 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, ect to each basin

      That way you could make an easy de-stoner, all one has to do is hand sift it



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        Re: Cooling Insert for 20lt Bucket

        Latest update  
        Hope it helps others that follow  :-/
        Simple ideas are always the best.

        Ok here is an update and a building pictorial of the finished & updated Model # 2 cooler with insert
        Aptly named by fellow Coffee Snobs as the Kosmic Kooler

        I was delayed from building it sooner by having to wait for 2 new free buckets
        1 x 10lt & 1 x 20lt
        The 20lt bucket fitted with exhaust fan on bottom slides inside the opening of the 10lt bucket
        Thus creating a base and also encasing & leaving plenty of room for fan clearance

        What gave me the idea in the first place? Some history
        The backpack vacuum pictures are from my original idea before I built the first bucket cooler Model # 1 (yeah crude I know but it worked)

        Koffee Kosmos -  Building pictorial of the Kosmic Kooler Model # 2 with insert

        History 2 pictures of the original backpack vacuum cooler,  Its what sparked the idea

        Take 1 X 10lt bucket & 1 X 20lt bucket and fit exhaust fan to bottom of 20lt bucket

        Place 20lt bucket inside 10lt bucket with exhaust holes, place insert on 20lt bucket opening (see post #1 for insert building details)

        With steamer inside insert , beans now cool too easy, Optional stand (formally an umbrella stand)

        Well thats what I did today  :
        Over the next couple of weeks I will be re-building the turbo roaster

        Koffee Kosmo


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          Re: Cooling Insert for 20lt Bucket

          How is this bean cooler going KK?


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            Re: Cooling Insert for 20lt Bucket

            Thanks for asking runfast

            It is my best one yet
            Easy to use, easy on the eye, easy to store away, easy to clean
            And it only takes just 40 minutes to make

            Total cost was $2.00 for the exhaust fan (garage sale)
            All other parts were free

            Best 2 bucks I have ever spent

            It cools beans down to room temp in about 1 minute give or take
            Leave them in an extra minute longer and they are cooler than room temp? well at least cooler to the touch.



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              Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

              nice looking unit I must admit Im a bit lazy and just pull my roast a bit short on the Gene Cafe and allow the cooling cycle of the GC do do its thing...


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                Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                Gday all, here is a post about my bean cooler project , lots of images .. well it is made from a grape harvesting bucket, a large exhaust fan and a geology sieve. The bucket was heated in the sun on a hot day and the exhaust fan pushed down into the bucket where it sits pretty securely, maybe it will get siliconed later.The exhaust holes are 57 mm drilled with a high  quality holesaw and the bucket was cut out with a jigsaw.The geology sieve sits on the top with no need to be sealed in. heaps of suction, in a test last night it cooled 100g lots of beans in about 30 seconds ,( the most my overworked B&D popper can handle) I reckon it could do a kilo no probs. Very quiet  and buggerall vibrations as the bucket is food grade poly. Thanks to all of the ingenious posts here I have been inspired. next project is my corretto, Just waiting for the heatgun. Images follow, they are pretty small file sizes so should download the way it has had a clean before use Cheers from Gaz


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                  Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                  Looks good.

                  Where did you get the sieve?


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                    Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                    Should work a treat.


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                      Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                      You can pick up a sieve like that one at a camping store...About $29.00

                      Cheers Gra


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                        Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                        Thanks Gra.

                        While waiting for your reply I located some online so rang to enquire.
                        These ones were for seed sifting.
                        The bloke said they normally were sold in sets of 10.
                        When I explained I only needed one he said there were a few in the warehouse that somehow were loose and offered to check the sizes for me.
                        Before I let him go I asked about the price and he told me about $49.
                        They were top of the line" he assured me.
                        Stainless steel and hand finished.

                        I thanked him for his time.

                        But at $29 for a camping store one I might have to reconsider the other one now for the "bling" factor.


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                          Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                          One of the reasons I made the insert is that people could use most forms of kitchen implements from steamer inserts to wire strainers to hold the beans being cooled.

                          That said I do know that the gold prospecting sieves look like Gazs

                          TG they cost $27.00 AU up to $68 for the giant ones

                          Site has different wire mesh size same price



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                            Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...

                            sorry I couldnt reply sooner TG , work is the curse. .yeah as the other posts have said ,, camping stores are the go , I picked up two for $40 the other was nested inside the one I used , but had a bigger mesh size , I thought the smaller mesh size would give more cooling effect (like metal to bean ) but I will try the other one and keep everyone posted , and take a few pics as well , Cheers Gaz, ps look forward to the posts KK


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                              Re: Bean Cooler and Insert for 20lt Bucket...


                              I like the Idea of the fan blow up through the sieve as I have found with pan roasting a fair bit of chaff comes of during the cooling so the blowing is much better than sucking.