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    New Generic version of My Graphing Roast Data with a few fancy bells and whistles.

    Time for an updated version.
    Please see wish list in the instructions, if anyone can help please assist.


    Roast Data Graphing

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Generic Roast Data Graphing Excel.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

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      Final !! Upgrade of Roast Log and Graphing

      Final !! Upgrade of Roast Log and Graphing
      Complete package now includes:
      1.Manual Roasting Log v1.1
      2.After Roasting Graph v1.1

      Now with auto spotting of First and Second Crack and Temp on the graph line with Temp in deg C.
      This was on the wish list of previous version and resolved, thanks to an 'ExcelSnobs' type site..

      I hope you can adapt to your needs whatever they are.
      Click on Zip file and when downloaded open with browser (Internet Explorer) to unzip.
      If you have problems unzipping email me and I will send you the files with no zipping

      If you want any changes just let me know.

      happy graphing

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Sample of Graph.JPG
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        Great work sando!


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          Compare Roasts and Templates

          Ever wanted to compare your previous roasts to a current one or a Past Roast Template??
          Or just compare Templates/Roasts...

          Graph with 1C and 2C and Temps will display.
          Over time this info is valuable if you are a nerd like me!!

          Well the result is an Excel 2010 file.
          Just Right Mouse click and use Windows Explorer to unzip the file.

          I have left a few of my roasts and Templates in so you can see how it works.

          If you are using my Manual Roasting Log etc (see earlier posts) it is easy to just copy the info over...
          If not ...Now is a good time ....

          Any suggestions, mods, info please PM me.

          Happy Roasting.

          Click on and download the file then unzip
          Templates Comparisons

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Compare.JPG
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            Data Mining information from your roasting records!!
            No Mining Tax Payable !!

            After copying all my roast record info into the 'Compare Roast & Templates' data section the value of this information is a lot clearer.

            Sort the data by any of the columns available.

            To illustrate this pic shows my roasts #1 (the very first one), #50 (roughly 1year later), #110 and #111 the latest.
            It sure has settled down from wild all over the place to stable repeatable and very very nice results. IMHO.
            Fitting the USB Data Logger, the Bosch HG and also the insulating of the Corretto roaster have made huge changes and when looking back, that now sticks out in the info & graphs.
            Not to mention the help from all the CS community...tks

            So to all those who doubt the value of keeping roasting records, well reconsider as the results are well worth it in the end.
            It only takes a few minutes. Any info or help needed gladly given.

            Happy roasting.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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              That's great Sando - a really useful comparative resource!
              It is interesting looking back - I've got paper profiles from a few years ago, and when I go back, note very similar changes in my roasting time and profile. That 18-20 min roast really seems the sweet spot in a Corretto…

              And great Excel work :-)



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                Thanks this is really helpful


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                  Hi Peter

                  DO you still have the following spreadsheet - link seems broken?

                  I would love to get my hands onto it.


                  Originally posted by pcf1978 View Post
                  Hi All,

                  I thought I’d share my Coffee Roasting Guide / Excel Spreadsheet.

                  Ive taken a whole lot from coffee snobs over the years - I thought it was time to contribute something!

                  I started roasting about 2 years ago - with 2 Breville popcorn makers. About 9 months ago I switched to the Corretto. The biggest challenge for me was working out exactly when to ramp the heat and when to back it off.

                  My research and trials led me to designing this coffee roasting spreadsheet.
                  The ‘Ideal Temp’ roast profile suits most roast I do – just change the values to suit your own profile.
                  The ‘Current’ row is where I map my current roast, each minute I record the temperatures and try to keep them as close to the ‘Ideal Temp’ as possible.

                  Anyhow – feel free to have a play, I’m interested in your feedback and hopefully this helps some beginners get started!


                  Here’s the spreadsheet – just unzip the two files into the same folder. You will need macros enabled should you want to use the stopwatch!



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                    Is the spreadsheet perhaps available somewhere as the link seems to have died. Been quite a while after all.


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                      Would love to have it too!


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                        Hi Guys...

                        I don't have the one referred to above but I do have a couple of others that you could modify to suit yourselves...

                        Attached Files


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                          Originally posted by LouisF View Post
                          Is the spreadsheet perhaps available somewhere as the link seems to have died. Been quite a while after all.
                          Originally posted by analdays View Post
                          Would love to have it too!
                          Yes, it's been more than a decade since I posted this - hard to believe!
                          I happened to find the original excel file deep in my archives though...


                          I think the stop watch is missing, but the graphing seems ok.

                          The stop watch plugin was from this website:
                          But since I've moved to a mac and can't fully test it - someone might be able to get it working again.

                          Otherwise, I'm sure Mal's spreadsheets are more up to date!



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                            Good one Pete...



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                              Thank you for sharing this