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New To Roasting what machine is recommended

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  • New To Roasting what machine is recommended

    I am very keen to roast my own however im not keen on using a heat gun etc etc, i would like a machine how good is the corn popper method ive read about, and where can i buy one? if thats outdated can anyon recommend a machine like the iroast 2 etc any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated thanks guys

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    Re: New To Roasting what machine is recommended

    What is your budget if you were to purchase a machine

    The first roasting method was in a pan over the fire
    You can try it out with a 2 lt pot cast iron is best but S/Steel is also good

    Or you can get a used popper from life line and give it a try



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      Re: New To Roasting what machine is recommended

      Popper cheap second hand but tend to burn out for no good reason at any time. But at $20-30 a good place to start. Just sampled my first couple of Popper roasts I did last week and not to bad compared against my Hottop ones.

      I Roast noisy and hard to hear FC and SC seems to be some issues with reliability but do a search of the site. At $300+ for small batches make sure you can get bits for it if you need it.

      Gene Cafe and the Hottop are the other two major choices and a good review (pre any potential commercial bias) here Both are well supported by users here for info and sponsors from a retail point of view.

      I started out with a stainless steel bowl and wooden spoon holding a heatgun but the Hottop ticked all the engineering boxes for me over the Gene to move up to. Either are very capable of great roasts.

      My pick would be grab a sample pack of beans and a popper and have a bash. Minimal outlay and great fun learning  8-)


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        Re: New To Roasting what machine is recommended

        The Corn popper from lifeline can you give me a link please i think i might start with this option as it seems to be popular, is there a guide to roasting with the corn popper anywhere?

        I saw and Iroast2 machine on where is my coffee any thoughts on that at all??

        thanks again


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          Re: New To Roasting what machine is recommended

          Hi Megs,

          KK will be just meaning any Op Shop be it Lifeline, Salvos etc They also crop up on evilbay which is where I got mine ($20 posted).

          Guide to Popper roasting More information on Roasting Devices in the Roasters section rather than the How to Roast section BTW including a review of the I-Roast