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1st Corretto roast

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  • 1st Corretto roast

    After about 4 months of using a popcorn popper doing 4 batches in a row of 100g each and trying to work out how to get better control over the process I decided to go down the corretto path.
    Setup consists of Panasonic sd-206 BM, Bosch PHG630DCE HG, Andys datalogging DMM, desk fan, hairdrier & 2 aluminium cake trays.

    Started out by cutting about 5mm off BM paddle to stop beans jamming.Noticed the heater kept coming on in tests even though I was on dough cycle only so pulled the element out which in turn made it easier to position the probe for temperature measurements.
    Had already tested the BM for paddle rotation and it was intermittent for about 2 mins and then constant (so I thought).
    Loaded beans and had a dry run of a couple of minutes to work out how to use the software.
    OK lets go...
    Turn on heat 600*... looks like the chart is rising a bit too fast (24*/m) so turn heat down to 550... looking good...then the paddle!t...get wooden spoon & start stirring... after 1 minute I restart the machine and dont have a problem with this again... play around with probe which causes a big jump in logged temp... reach 1st crack after about 13mins 185*... turn down heat but have to play around a bit, I was aiming for 3*/min but probably averaged about 6*/min, 440* seemed OK... 2nd crack at 17.5mins... went about 30secs after this then decided to dump (which took a lot longer than I anticipated) so who knows how long they were still cooking for :-/...into cake trays and hairdryer cooled for a couple of minutes.

    The result...I was stoked!!!
    This was so much fun I would recommend it to anyone.
    I would like to thank Coretto and all the posters who have contributed to this style of roasting

    Sorry if it sounds like I am rambling on but I just had to tell someone ;D

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    Re: 1st Corretto roast

    Ramble away shawty....
    Im thinking of giving it a crack tonight...If the weather holds out :
    I just got home from Bunnings where i bought the same heat gun(It didnt come with the attatchments?) I was just briefly flicking thru the the variable heat LCD. Did you have the fan on 2 or 3?
    Beans look great about 9.5-10 looking at the pic, what bean is it?
    After the initial stress period....Im sure Ill be having the same amount of fun


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      Re: 1st Corretto roast

      Originally posted by 0B0E090F130007610 link=1245834635/1#1 date=1245836441
      Did you have the fan on 2 or 3?
      Beans look great about 9.5-10 looking at the pic, what bean is it?
      Brazil Original Bourbon & had HG speed on 3
      I think things should go a little smoother on 2nd attempt
      Cant wait to use these up so I can do it again!!!
      I am also thinking of rewiring BM paddle motor to just off or on, will have to research. Im sure Ive seen this done on here somewhere.

      Best of luck


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        Re: 1st Corretto roast

        Theres no going back... your coffee intake will soar!

        Good bean to start on.


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          Re: 1st Corretto roast

          Great first roast and the HG is a beauty, i run mine at 550deg for the first few minutes then drop down to 500 and then drop again at 8min to 450 in order to try and get FC at about 11min.

          I partially cover the bm with timber, this helps keep heat in and reduces the need for too higha temperature. I also run the fan of the HG on 3.

          I will be interested to watch your progress.


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            Re: 1st Corretto roast

            Excellent result Shawty.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

            Id start cupping the roast within a day or even less, just sos you get a feel for how the result in the cup changes over time. Its a great way to determine at what stage in the rest/flavour development stage that the flavour peaks for you.

            By the way, you can ramble on as much as you like about roasts youve done... we all do it and its great to see someone else enjoying this great hobby.... 8-) ;D



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              Re: 1st Corretto roast

              Cant argue with the result

              Looks good enough to grind & drink NOW :P



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                Re: 1st Corretto roast

                Nice photo.


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                  Re: 1st Corretto roast

                  Had a taste last night.
                  What a completely different tasting bean to anything else I have ever roasted.
                  Dont know if this is due to the roasting method (popper v corretto) so will have to roast up some beans I have previously done as a comparison.
                  My palate isnt very well educated but what I noticed most is how smooth/mellow this bean is with a noticeable chocolate flavour. (Does this sound right?)
                  I didnt notice this as much when tasting as a short black (I dont drink these very often) but noticed a huge difference when made into a latte.
                  My wife made some very favourable comments on this one before I did the usual "what do you think of this one," so I know it was good ;D
                  My other beans have been PNG Whagi, Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo and India Madikeri A.
                  Looking forward to trying again tonight ;D


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                    Re: 1st Corretto roast

                    Popper roasts are said to be "brighter"; so it should taste a little different.
                    I personally think I started getting more chocolate flavour after switching to corretto.


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                      Re: 1st Corretto roast

                      Its soothing to get out there, watch the little critters go round and round, record temps, raise lower HG, dodge the chaff, and pull out a beautiful roast that YOU did all by yourself.......very rewarding, youll have coffee trees growing in your backyard in no time ;D