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USB Thermocouple. NO Data logger.

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  • USB Thermocouple. NO Data logger.

    I have seen the sticky thread about the data logger.

    However, I am after something smaller, simpler, and cheaper and a local distributer.

    I just need a USB out on the device and the ability to poll it. A female USB socket is a bonus!

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    Re: USB Thermocouple. NO Data logger.

    Would you like fries with that? Its a fairly tall order, RB. I dont know of a TC device woth USB or RS232 that would not log data. What would you expect the USB interface to do?

    I dont think you can get much more local than Andy as a distributor and I doubt that you would get much cheaper than the BeanBay device for what you are after. I did a fair bit of looking around before the current device became available on BeanBay. I bought a Digitec device from Jaycar that doesnt have a PC interface.

    The only local brand I could find was Procon and once you buy the separate TC cable and optional RS232 to USB adapter, you are looking at the same price as Andys or more.

    And the Bean Bay device comes with its own free software that does a pretty good job

    And you would be supporting Faircrack.


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      Re: USB Thermocouple. NO Data logger.

      Havent run across anything in my travels that matches what youre looking for, I have a USB interface board that I use for my tinkering that can read an analog input like a thermocouple, but your looking at $70 for the Jaycar kit plus youve got to build it then another $15 for the thermocouple.

      Heres a USB plug and play setup to read a thermocouple from a local supplier but youre looking at double the price.

      I ended up going with the CS Data logger because its a robust setup. Atm Im in the process of hooking up a stepper motor controlled vent to allow a programable temp curve that uses the data logger for its input, the data logger gives an easy n reliable setup plus a handy chunk of code to build from.