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iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?

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  • iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?

    So I got my first complaint today. Apparently some asthmatic above me finds the smell life threatening.

    I have tried roasting in my kitchen, under the range hood, with a fan and the windows open, but this sets off the fire alarm. And other than the noise, it appears to be pretty OK. I would prefer to vent the fumes though.

    So I need to roast indoors, vent the fumes outside but make them disperse quickly enough so that no one notices.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?

    what about an open kitchen window with a dirty big fan blowing out of it, works for me, still have an issue with chaff around the kitchen though (im a popper roaster)


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      Re: iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?

      On this page is a picture of the standard venting arrangement:

      In the iR2 box you will find an attachment for this venting.

      If this doesnt disperse quickly enough (they probably wont
      notice without the noise of the roaster as a cue), could put a fan
      near the outlet, or stick the tubing up the rangehood, which might
      get the smoke clear of the smoke alarm.

      A pity though. I always found it much easier to pick the cracks
      outside as there is less reflection of the sound.


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        Re: iRoast 2 - Tips for roasting indoors?

        I had a couple other ideas.

        Grab a section of 4 inch hose (here do I get this?) and stuff the end with range hood filter material stuff. Maybe this will trap enough of the smoke and so that only hot is is coming out the top. Then I can roast in my sun room with the blinds closed.


        It occured to me that my bathroom and laundry room have vents. probably to vent the steam and any smells. Maybe I can hook up the hose directly to the vent and roast in my bath room. Yknow, rather than read magazines ... I dont know if it is safe to vent the smoke through there though. There wouldnt be any smoke alarms in there would there?