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My first Corretto roast - Im hooked!

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  • My first Corretto roast - Im hooked!

    This is my first post here though Ive been lurking on this forum for the past several weeks. Ive done around 50 roastings for the past several months using a slightly modified West Bend Poppery II air popper. Results were drinkable in a french press or drip but not comparable to the roasted beans I used to order from PTs Coffee. Living in an island of Guam has its disadvantages; since having no local roasters, I have to mail order quality roasted coffee from the U.S. mainland and have to pay US$5.00-$8.00 shipping fee every time I order 1-2 pounds of roasted coffee. With this situation, home roasting makes a lot of economic sense for decent, fresh coffee. However, I grew tired of roasting 70g batches frequently - 4 to 5 times a week. It was then that I stumbled on this site at home-barista when I was looking to upgrade from the popper setup that I had. The idea of being able to roast 400 to 600grams using the Corretto setup was very appealing.

    At US$23.00, the cost just it cant be beat: $10.00 heat gun(previously on sale), $10.00 bread machine from a thrift store and $3.00 wooden cutting board. The cheap digital thermometer (with the probe through a drilled hole 1" from the bottom of the pan ) that measures the bean temperature and the Cooper analog thermometer that measures the environment temperature (ET) are  from my previous popper setup. There is a 1cm gap from the edge of the wooden cover to the inner edge of the bread machine that lets some heat and some chaff to escape the roast pan. (I am going to replace the wooden cover with a metal sheet. Black burn marks around the hole, where the heat gun nozzle goes through, began to appear after the first roast.) An electric fan blows air into the whole setup just to make sure the escaped heat doesnt cycle back to the heat gun intake. The cooling pan on the right is used to cool the beans down to room temperature in one minute.

    I did my first Corretto roast last Saturday with 400g of Costa Rica Finca Cerro Paldo beans from PTs Coffee. For the first 5min, the heat gun was set to low (572F setting), then set to high (1112F setting) till the first crack and back to low after (Thanks to seedlings @ home-barista for these settings). First crack came at 11:00(200C) and it was ended at a light medium roast of (213C) at 15:00. Im planning to add a router speed control or a dimmer to have more control of the heat. (Or simply remove the wooden cover and use a stand to adjust the heat gun height. Im still looking for a stand that I can try with.)

    And the roast turned out good for a french press. With two days rest, the dry and wet aroma was more intense (than the popper roast); the honey sweetness was more defined; it was significantly more smooth.

    Thank you guys for this great site.

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    Re: My first Corretto roast - Im hooked!

    Welcome to the world of the corretto.
    Great looking first roast.


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      Re: My first Corretto roast - Im hooked!

      Thanks for the welcome, bolb.