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1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

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  • 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

    just roasted these out the back for a try, never tried bowl and spoon method before.

    beans Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from beanbay
    estimate 250-300 grams (i dont have scales)
    roast took around 15 mins 1st crack i think around 10ish

    to make it easy i used my old homebrew bottle capper as a HG stand.
    ryobi heat gun from tool box, 1800 watt two settings high and low
    i used high for the whole roast, apart from right at the end to just take them into 2nd crack a bit

    seemed very easy easy to hear 1st and 2nd crack, 2nd was "pre-empted" by a fair amount of smoke started coming off.

    will ad a fan to blow chaff away a bit for next roast as the odd bit blew into the gun for a tracer effect  

    set up

    post roast cooled

    beans close up, 1 flash 1 no flash pic

    here is a compasision of the same beans roasted at Saturdays Sydney meet up in Hazchems Gene cafe, beans on left from gene cafe, notice 2 beans on right (todays) in the middle section about 6 beans down have little "pot holes" i picked these out to show them but could not see many in the fresh roast.

    they look good to me (not much experience home roasting)
    best part was this was so easy...... hope they taste good


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    Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

    did a 2nd roast today
    added a pedestal fan to the set up to blow chaff, ran it on high for a while, but dropped it to med as i think it was effecting the heat a bit much.

    I reckon if your thinking of a popper this might be a way to go, even better if you have a heat gun in the shed  

    estimated roast size +-420grm
    result was 350 grms of roasted bean, took it to the shop to weigh

    fan increased the roast time by blowing away some heat
    rolling 1st crack about 15 mins.
    pulled just into 2nd crack about 22 mins
    i need to get a timer now.......

    again 1st and 2nd crack easy to hear and smoke before 2nd

    might be some tipping, experts Home Roasters might advise me on the pics. i have circled what looks like tipping in red circles in the 1st picture?


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      Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

      The fan can affect the roast times.


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        Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

        yeah TG i had a breeze today to compared to 1st go so that would have had an impact to. But was offset a little by a warmer day.

        I am just having a bash, no real science behind my roasting

        next step is simple mixer of some sort or put a handle / holder on the bowl, gotta look in the tool box for something to pull to bits. hand was getting a bit hot holding the bowl  :-[
        would be better to have two free hands

        got an opinion on the tipping, you know your roasts.

        BTW the kimmel is very nice thanks again


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          Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast


          I tried the bread machine first, and then went to a little quieter hands-on method like what youre doing.  Figured I could always go back to learning the BM method later.  I copied a method described on the home- barrista forum by member RAS.  You place a steel mesh colander inset into a stainless steel bowl so that there is an air gap between the colander and the bowl.  The rim of the colander rests on the outer rim of the bowl so it does not move while stirring the beans.   I hold the heat gun in my left hand and stir the beans with a wire whisk in my right hand.  I wear a pair of gloves to protect from the heat.
          The mesh container helps keep the heat absorbed only by the beans and not the container so they are easily brought up to temperature.  I tried heating them directly in a ceramic bowl and it did not work because the ceramic bowl absorbed too much of the heat from the beans.
          This method is a very easy and relaxing way to watch and hear the roasting process.  Im roasting about half pound or 250g per roast.  FC is usually at about 10min.
          I know this is somewhat primitive to what others are doing, but I enjoy it and am getting great results.



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            Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

            I am thinking of going the Coretto or KKTO way, but for now I am also quite happy with the results of my "Cormano" setup


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              Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

              Hey all, i have not roasted any more yet, for fathers day  i was given a couple of bags of Tobys estate. Good to see a "roasted on" date sticker on their bags

              But i need to do a roast over the weekend to keep up supply of some beans with a weeks (or so) "rest".

              only MOD i will be doing is something to hold the bowl for me so i dont have to hold it.

              was thinking a cheap pair of "vice grips" to lock onto the rim of the bowl and attach them to the heat gun setup?

              That would allow rapid removal of roast bowl for cooling and will give me a spare hand  
              i also have a digitial timer now so can take time better

              its such an easy way to get a roast happening with a good batch size, I will look for a stirring motor but am not wanting to over capitalize in this "roaster" lol not sure how long my old heat gun will keep going, time will tell  



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                Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                completed another roast Sat night, all went well
                FC about 17mins
                SC about 22 mins
                about CS 9-10 i reckon
                did not get the smoke prior to SC this time? (or could not see it)

                got a bit worried as it seemed to take a while to FC but may have been cause i was watching the timer? They look ok, the others i am drinking from the other batch taste good

                have not sorted the "holder" yet, but have found a possible  "motor" for the stirring drive, not sure if going to make it "remote control" or use the sewing machine motor ? Found these on the curb on the way home at lunchtime, both work fine
                nice bit of freeganing  

                2nd pic is the sewing machine motor stripped out but might put it back into the machine and use the belt drive setup inside striped down a bit as at low rpm torque seems low. but then i would have more parts to cause problems.....
                i like the idea of two speed (play / fastforward) of the VCR so will pull that apart later for a play  ;D Might be quality as it was made in Japan!! lol



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                  Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                  Talking of freegaining, have you seen / tried Freecycle ?
                  A way to recycle that which you have no use for, yet cant be bothered to try and sell. Or indeed, find someone elses trash which could be just that piece of treasure you have been searching for.

                  Admittedly there is a lot of crap that gets posted, but once in a while something worthwhile goes up.


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                    Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                    Freecycle is where I scored some BMs for converting to Correttos.


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                      Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                      pulled the VCR to bits, not much inside the video heads are interesting but, the electromagnetic drive system and magnets have been kept as they might prove interesting.

                      one little eject electric motor, but i dont think it would be worth the effort

                      Bit of brass bushing and all the screws have been added to the the screw box.

                      the sewing machine is looking the best bet for a drive motor

                      might have to join freecycle for a look


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                        Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                        Hi Maheel and CSrs,

                        I have an old cake mixer Ive been intending to try as a bean stirrer it has a speed control, is made to turn two beaters or dough hooks, but just one customised stirrer is how I imagined it may be useful, not sure about torque (its not a Kenwood).
                        The stirrer could be made with a long shaft to keep the motor unit away from heat, or a speedo cable may work as a long flex drive for a stirrer.
                        Car electric window winder motor or wiper motor and drive may be other possibilities if 12V is available.


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                          Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                          Hey KL, have not seen you post for a bit, where you been hiding?
                          i like your idea

                          i was thinking about one of the cake mixers that "turns the base" as well. I was thinking you could just have a adjustable stirring arm and let the base turn the beans over it? But the beans might just get pushed around the bowl instead of mixing?.

                          what about a HOBART dough mixer? Need a BIG heat gun for one of those!!

                          My thoughts headed towards a cement mixer style set up, where the bowl is rotated on a axis with internal blades to stir and roll the beans.

                          I freegand a working vacuum cleaner yesterday from the curb, that is going to be my bean cooler soon. Interestingly inside the vacuum is the part that "returns" the extension lead. It allows the lead to wind in and out but keeps the power in contact via a couple of copper discs / circles and spring loaded brushes. This part may prove interesting for my "cement mixer roaster" idea.

                          sadly slow progress i being made, i have started painting the new house inside, not alot of shed time is avialable.......



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                            Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                            Hi Leeham,
                            The frown squad have a hit out on me for joking around, so Ive been under the bed for a few weeks (Im the sensitive type).
                            Love your wild roasting thoughts, a bit of comic relief is good for the soul (but not everyone has or apparently needs a soul these days).
                            Im still using my thrifty vacuum cleaner driven Hot Bean Cooler Mark 2 though the cooling chamber is now complements of Nestle (Milo tin).
                            Very fertile roadsides out your way, perfect for your improvising and lateral thinking ability.
                            No rush, all in the fullness of time.
                            Keep up the stimulants and enjoy the home journey too
                            (you dont know me thats not me with the false beard,wig and Kevlar vest).


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                              Re: 1st heat gun, bowl & spoon home roast

                              lol welcome back KL , your time away has been well spent with your thrifty vacuum cleaner bean getter idea.

                              Today i joined the dark side with the purchase of a $15 breadmaker
                              i think it may need modification as it is a Breville BB-200 "bakers oven" The manual tells me it only dough cycles for 10 mins and has a pulsing action at the beginning.

                              sadly the motor from the sewing machine proved to not have enough toque at low RPM, but it has provided plenty of bushing / grub screws material to play with.

                              pictures and modifications to follow ,

                              happy days