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Iroast 2 and bean profiles

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  • Iroast 2 and bean profiles

    Hi all,
    Am very new to this but have invested in an iroast2 and have bought myself some green beans.
    Have burnt a few batches by using the presets on the machine and just wandering how many batches i am going to waste playing around with this machine before I get some decent brown beans?
    Has anyone recorded/collated some bean profiles and recommendations for what to set the iroast2 on for specific beans.
    Just thought i would save myself some pain, frustration and money by learning from others experiments.
    please help

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    Roast Profiles

    Hi all,
    Just recieved my starter pack and wanted to know if anyone has the roast profiles for ...

    Brazil Original Bourbon
    Malawi AA
    Ethiopian Gambella sundried
    Uganda Busamaga AA

    I am using the Iroast 2 and was wandering which one to start with.

    Am pretty much in the dark about roast profiles and would really appreciate some guidance. Have burnt several batches using presets on the machine!



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      Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

      jo, have you taken notes for the roasts you have completed? maybe if you can share some of your observations about time, temperature and roast progress some here could make some suggestions ...

      For me, part of the fun of roasting has been telling people what Ive been doing, talking about how my roast progresses and listening to their feedback and suggestions. It suits my personal learning style well to discuss concepts and general terms, as opposed to strict instructions about what temperature to apply in what time frame.

      Of course, I realise we are all different and this might not suit you!


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        Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

        Hi there and thanks for replying.
        I would love it if I had the time to experiment and share all my findings, its just that, as a mum of 2 boys under 3, I just dont have the time. Thus, unfortunately I know, I just want to be told strict instructions about what temps to apply in what time frame.
        thanks again


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          Requesting Iroast 2 Help!!

          Hi all,

          Calling all Iroast 2 users to help me out here.

          Have any of you guys recorded the settings on the Iroast2 of successful roasts of any of Andys beans?

          I would really really appreciate it if you could reply with some of your favourites and the settings/times you had for them.

          I have looked on the forums and havnt found a thread like this so thought it would be a great idea to start one.

          It would give people like me, who are very new to the game, at least a starting point to try from. Or people trying a new bean some background info to build on.

          I appreciate that it is a very personal thing but am still very interested in what people have found.

          Example..... Malawi AA ...172 degrees for 2mins, 198 degrees for 3 mins, 232 degrees for 2mins. Left for X days....found this to be.....yada yada

          I just think that would be an immense help for all Iroast 2 users.

          Thanks for listening and I encourage you to share.

          kind regards


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            Re: Requesting Iroast 2 Help!!

            Hi Jo, please dont this the wrong way, but its kinda poor netiquette to make multiple threads about the same topic. I appreciate that youre a busy person that is keen to get some straight up instructions on how to roast, but this is now your 3rd thread on the topic, although your first 2 thread have been merged together -


            I notice there is a thread from another iRoast user just a little bit down the page and while it doesnt answer your question, maybe you could send recurveboy a PM and ask if he can help directly?

            Not trying to be rude, just trying to help.


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              Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

              Originally posted by 2029322B202D25480 link=1253162108/5#5 date=1253262275
              Hi Jo, please dont this the wrong way, but its kinda poor netiquette to make multiple threads about the same topic. I appreciate that youre a busy person that is keen to get some straight up instructions on how to roast, but this is now your 3rd thread on the topic, although your first 2 thread have been merged together -  
              They have all been merged into one thread. Cross posting makes mods cross > (now say that quickly 10 times )


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                Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                Hi there,
                thanks for clarifying the posting etiquette for me. No offense taken.
                Its just that I emailed Andy, trying to get some information and he suggested
                "I would try bumping your post up again to see if you can find another iRoast user"
                And so I did.
                I find it really surprising that iroasters havent started a similar thread... really surprised.
                I suppose I just have to sit and wait and hope I get some help. Or go beyond this forum to other sites.
                Fingers crossed I get some iroasters willing to share their knowlege?!?
                thanks again


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                  Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                  Originally posted by 7F636E6478667E660B0 link=1253162108/7#7 date=1253343252
                  I find it really surprising that iroasters havent started a similar thread... really surprised.
                  you know what Jo, Im actually not surprised at all. Ive resisted saying it, but to be quite honest with you, I dont think home roasting is an activity well suited to following a list of instructions written by someone else. Its an activity, that, in my opinion, requires an inquiring mind, a willingness & time to experiment, try new things and sometimes fail. I dont think one can expect be handed a set of profiles like a book of recipes and sent on the way home to roast.

                  Dare I say it, but if you are at a point in your life where spending hours roasting, taking notes, analysing the data and discussing the results with others (among other related activities) is not possible, then perhaps home roasting isnt for you. Which isnt a bad thing, its just a reality of where one might be at any given time in their lives.

                  Im only very new to home roasting myself. What to do and how to start was something that played on my mind for _years_ before I got going. Certainly, I also desired a set of profiles for my use when I got started. But, speaking for myself, I realised very quickly that it likely just doesnt work that way. We all have different tastes. Give 5 people the same single origin and theyll roast it 20 different ways and come up with slightly different interpretations on how to get the best out of it. What I like to seek out in one origin may be something that you dont like at all. Working from that assumption, what use would my profiles be to you if they were going to generate results you wont like? The environment the roasting takes place in can have a big impact too. I wouldnt expect the practices I have personally established in the Inner West of Sydney would produce the identical results if I used them in Mackay QLD, for example.

                  There is plenty of fresh, quality, well roasted coffee available from beanbay and many of the sponsors to our left. Perhaps you can save time and still enjoy coffee by exploring the many options on offer there.


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                    Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                    Im new to home roasting and have little to impart other than a key piece of information passed along by a friend - home roasting is never going to be an exact science, too many variables... Different grween beans from different climates with differing times served in storage = greatly varying moisture content directly affecting roasting times...

                    That is but one factor, we could push on with the ambient temps, relative humidity, quality of roasting equipment, efficiency of heating elements and inherent variances in mass produced equipment re: temp probes and thermostat accuracy- shall I go on...???

                    Youre going to have to find the time to play this game if you want to enjoy home roasting as theres no one size fits all solution... Perhaps you can shuffle your time and give yourself an hour or two one night a week while the kids sleep to get a start on this...


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                      Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                      gee! I really have opened a can of worms havnt I.

                      I apprciate all of the Information & guidance to date, no matter how frustrating it is.

                      I am an incredibly inquisitive person that isnt afraid of researching a matter to the nth fact like to know EVERYTHING before I embark. Hence the request for a starting point.

                      I am also the type of person that likes to help and share my knowledge with others and once I get some good results, am keen to share them. Maybe this will get the ball rolling for others to share their experience. (regardless of how personal they are) fingers crossed.

                      Thanks again


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                        Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                        Hi all,

                        just found some Iroast 2 threads worth a read..... most informative to date.




                        Hope this helps some of you Iroasters



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                          Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                          This is what I wrote a couple of years ago after some time with an iR2:

                          Try this:

                          160C  7:00  /  200C  2:00  /  220C  2:00

                          With a bit of luck, this will get first crack at around 5-6min.
                          Then I found the ramp up to 200C would trigger second at
                          around 7:30.

                          Ive had reasonable success with this technique.

                          The iR2 as sold in Aus pretty well always runs too hot. So using it
                          is not so much an exercise in working out profiles, but in how to
                          subvert its natural tendency to burn beans.

                          I also wrote a small novel about how to fix the problem of it
                          running too hot:
                          However I think youll find plenty to do with it before going
                          down that path.

                          Varying the dose down from the recommended 150g can also help
                          to increase roast time.


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                            Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                            Hi Hazbean and thanks so much for getting back to me!! What a legend! Your generosity has at least now given me a starting point to work from which I very much needed and appreciate!!

                            I will continue my journey down the roasting path and, surprisingly undetered, I still encourage you all to contribue your findings to this thread.

                            I am still confident there are many of us Iroast users fumbling around in the dark, so to speak and believe we would benefit immensly from each others learnings.

                            I know the sites name is coffee snobs, but surely there are people out there, besides myself, not afraid of sounding silly by sharing this steep but hopefully gratifying learning curve with others.

                            keep smiling


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                              Re: Iroast 2 and bean profiles

                              Hopefully hazchems profile will work for you.

                              However, I have had good results with Preset 1 for 6.30 to 7.30 minutes. And the good thing about the presets is that you can set the roast time and go away.

                              However, when creating my own profile, I ended up throttling my temps way down compared to the manual. My current profile is something like

                              176 4 minutes, 186 3 mins 196 2 minutes

                              While using my crazy chimney-filtery thing. And I still only roast for 6.30 - 7.00. I think I need to start at the minimum the machine will go.