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  • Virgin Roast

    Hello All,
    Allured by all the stories on this great website I decided to join and have a go.
    On a cool 20 degrees brisbane evening I decided to do my first roast. We bought some Bolivia Caranavi Organic Fairtrade beans and our Crazy Popper machine.
    I used a hairdryer on cool setting for the first 2 minutes to extend the roast time. I got my first crack at around 5 minutes 26 and it ended at around 8 minutes. I then kept it going until 16 minutes 14 when I thought I heard 2nd crack.
    Start weight was 100g and finnish weight was 81g.
    Could you guys take a look at my photos and tell me what you think.
    The Photos are a lot lighter than real life, I think I have around a CS8.

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    Re: Virgin Roast

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs imani!

    Excellent roast, 20% moisture loss is about the right mark, a 16 minute popper roast is great and the roast looks really nice.

    Its not often that a popper will roast for that length of time, some are only a few minutes so you have a good one there that will give you more "space" to get creative and determine the best roast depth to suit you.

    Im sure you will love the journey ahead.




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      Re: Virgin Roast

      Looks good.

      Nice to see youve found a Crazy Popper that doesnt need radical modification to get those times.


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        Re: Virgin Roast

        My first roast was with a crazy popper..actually it was with a wok and a gas burner but i wont go into that. ANYWAY... i added my chimney and 3/4 cup of kenyan AA and from memory it took around 9 minutes to roast and i was ecstatic!

        Your roast looks really good for s first sure it will taste just as good.

        You mentioned that you "think you heard second crack? A tell tale sign of a second crack bean is a small(up to 2mm) flake that pops off the round side of the bean... sometimes this can happen right after 1st crack leading you to think that 2nd crack is apon you already but can also be a false alarm. When roasting into second crack on my crazy popper i usually waited till i witnessed these flakes being ejected from the roaster to make sure...obviously the sound gives it away also :-?

        Welcome to coffee snobs and have fun! but be aware..this is a hobby that can end up being a costly one. A small price to pay in the search for great coffee though


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          Re: Virgin Roast

          Thanks guys that is very encouraging.
          I am very excited and so are my friends who are looking forward to me supplying them with fresh roasted coffee.
          I will post again after I have tasted the product.


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            Re: Virgin Roast

            Welcome to the wonderful world of home roasting imani, Im sure your first home roast will be a taste delight!!


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              Re: Virgin Roast

              A mighty fine looking roast there imani, im sure your mates will be greatful! make sure you remain vigilant........upgraditis sneaks up on you and thumps ya in the back of the head, and when you wake up, youll be surrounded by breadmakers, turbo ovens, heat guns, thermocouples etc etc, make sure you keep a keen eye out for Mr Upgraditis! ;D

              Enjoy the fruits mate!


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                Re: Virgin Roast

                Well guys I have cupped it, unfortunately budget and space confines me to having a stove top espresso rather than a real espresso but none the less I am happy. It had no acidity at all, a mellow slightly nutty taste with a butter back palate. All that said, it was good and I am a happy man ;D
                I will surely be cracking out the crazy popper for another roast soon.
                Hey WSully what are the symptoms of this dreaded disease "upgraditis". Would looking multiple thousand dollar roasting machines and thinking how I can make room in the shed be the start of it?
                Thankfully we already have a breadmaker so the Corretto might be the next step, to the great relief of my hip pocket. The problem I feel is that my SO is no antiviral to this disease as she is drooling over the roasting machines and is looking around at anything that isnt bolted down to put on ebay.


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                  Re: Virgin Roast

                  Thats the best new you could hope for imani!

                  Seriously..the less convincing of SWMBO(She Who Must Be Obeyed) the better in my experience. One experience im lucky so far to be blessed with

                  Keep up the good roasts and dont be afraid to experiment


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                    Re: Virgin Roast

                    Shut up Imani! Im so jealous! ;D
                    I had upgraditis until recently, I was prescribed 1 x Giotto Premium Plus and ECA grinder and I was all good, seems Ive caught another strain, Ive had this one before, I took 1 x Corretto and that was that, now the doc is saying something about a KKTO! It never ends! Unfortunately these meds arent on the PBS so the wallet does get streched from time to time! ;D