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Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine

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  • Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine


    First post here ;-) Howdy all!

    Ive just bought a sunbeam 4810-1 automatic breadmaker at a thrift store for $4. Im psyched to get started with it but a couple of issues:
    - there apparently isnt a dedicated kneading cycle (meaning one that I can just turn on and it continue to spin the paddle with the bread machine putting out heat) so I think Im going to have to do some work on the electronics. Anyone have an links to people who may have done this before?
    - the container is coated with teflon (of course). Whats the bottom line; is everyone throwing out the pot/container that comes with it and getting another stainless one or are they grinding the teflon off? Or just not even worrying about it? Im looking for a stainless pot myself but havent had any luck finding one thats the right size yet.


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    Re: Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine

    I guess I should add too that, unlike some people who just let their BMs run for the first 5 minute mixing cycle, my Sunbeam has an annoying and, I suspect, unacceptable 1-2 second pause every 5-10 seconds or so after it starts the kneading cycle proper.  It seems that itd be enough to burn the beans.  Hence my thinking that Ill have to come up with another solution.


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      Re: Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine

      If youre worried about the Teflon, others have sanded it off so do the same.
      Personally I wasnt bothered.
      I doubt youll find anything the right size to replace the existing pan.

      If you think youll need to direct wire the motor, find a qualified electrician.

      Welcome to Coffee Snobs.


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        Re: Modifying a sunbeam 4810 bread machine

        On most of the BMs it is a very simple mod to run the motor off a switch but as TG says its best to get a sparky to do it.

        if you supply the switch and remove most of the top panels and remove the screws in the case the job itself would take about 5 mins.

        then they can check the earth and test for you and make sure your safe.

        mine has teflon and have not noticed any of it coming realyl off yet.