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Tilting the popper?

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  • Tilting the popper?

    Having roasted some beans tonight. (100g)

    I tilted the popper and rather than gentle agitation the tumbling motion of the beans in the popper became quite fast.

    Do people know if the rapid tumbling speeds up or slows down the roast?

    Tonights roast took longer (about 45 seconds in 8 minutes) but that could be for other reasons.

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    Re: Tilting the popper?

    Yep, it extends the roast times, all else being equal.

    I used to deliberately do this too, as it allows some of the hot air to escape more quickly and as you noticed, improves the agitation no end. I also replaced the salmon tin chimney with a glass chimney from a hurricane lamp. Is a perfect fit and allows you to view the beans close-up as they circulate up around the chimney during the roast.

    Unfortunately, the fan on this popper disintegrated recently (wish they used metal fans) so its been put in the back of the cupboard until I can find another one. Just to give you an idea, I used to tilt the popper forward by placing a piece of 25mm pine under the back of it. Worked a treat... 8-)



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      Re: Tilting the popper?

      I tilt mine, I find if I dont, the beans will hit the top in one big mass and have the potential to spew out.
      I use the 20mmDIA case for my thermo probe.

      So tilting is the way to go.
      See video link >