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  • Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

    Hi folks,

    I have tried roasting this in my GC a few times, and to date have been less than impressed with my results...admittedly, I am comparing it to the truly beautiful YBI I tried from Brown Bay. I dont hope to emulate Andys results, but would like to not waste too much of my stash trying to get a great result...

    So, my qestion anyone willling to share a profile for YBI in the Gene Cafe which they feel has done justice to this cracker of a bean ??

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

    There are plenty of Yemen fans that use the Gene Cafe so it is possible to get great results (someone should chime in here with specifics).

    Being such a dense bean it can take quite a dark roast, if I had to guess I would say that you are pulling the roast a little early and getting more of the sour end of the flavour scale. I would be suggesting a high CS9 or CS10 will work best to get the bold cocoa flavours with the fruit and berries still strong enough to come through.

    Rule of thumb, you will want plenty of heat in there early, maybe make it your second roast of the day so there is more residual heat when it starts.

    As you know, when you "nail it" it can be amazing.


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      Re: Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

      My profile is really simple.

      Set Gene at 225° for 20 minutes, after a pre-heat/cool-down of 225° for 4 minutes.

      Add 250 gm of Yemen.

      Turn on.

      I get first crack at about 8 minutes remaining, second crack at about 3 minutes remaining.

      Stop at second crack. Quick cool. (Emergency stop, cool in bucket/sieve/vacuum cleaner arrangement.) This give a CS10 roast, although its not even.

      I love it from the 1st day onwards.



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        Re: Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

        As Andy intimated, the key is to get heat in early. To do that, I try to make sure that as much as possible of the heat generated goes into the beans, not the roaster. So I preheat at 250C for 15 minutes or so, then E-stop, load the beans, and resume at full power leaving the GC set to 250. This usually gives me 1C at about 8:30. Then I drop back to a temp that will allow the roast to continue for about 4 mins; this temp depends on what roast level you want to end at, and to some extent your particular roasting environment. In my case, I usually want to end just before 2C, so I drop back to about 228. But this may vary, and takes some experimentation. If I wanted to go into 2C (which you may want for Yemen), Id set it a bit higher. I then fast cool to about 150C, and dump into an external cooler.

        This has yielded some excellent Yemen, best after about 2 weeks!

        If you try this, and havent done an E-stop / load with a very hot roaster before, I suggest that you rehearse at lower temp first to avoid getting burnt ...


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          Re: Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

          Thanks for the help guys...will definitely try these methods. In my previous attempts, I started with low temp (150C for first 5 mins)...this seems to be where I let these beans down. Im looking forward to good results, as the YBI I got from Andy has been my absolute favorite over the past 4 years....GW and haz, Im from Adelaide too, so we obviously have good taste (at least in coffee) here !!


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            Re: Yemen Bani Ismail in Gene Cafe

            buff - my method is close to Hazbeans. Except I dont pre-heat for 15mins - that seems overkill to me. But then again, he gets FC in 8:30 and I get it at 10:00 for the last 6 Yemenis Ive done... so maybe Im not letting it fully heat up.

            I differ on the cooling side. My standard operating procedure is to emergency stop, dump beans into cooler, return roaster chamber and set the Gene to a normal cool for it (turn blue knob to get some time, hit the red knob to start a roast and hit it again immediately to cool..). My cooler rips the temperature down in well under a minute to ambient.

            Your profile with the 150C for 5 mins is a classic drying phase. Hazbean has done more research on drying/no-drying than anyone should reasonably do. I suggest he write up a nice summary and post it

            It could be because my beans all have the same water content due to their storage conditions, or it could be because I have a poor palate or it could even be the (relatively) gentle heating from the Gene -BUT- I cant pick a taste difference between drying/no-drying when roasted in the Gene. If anything, sometimes the no-drying approach tasted significantly better with the "drying phase" beans seeming to be very flat. None of the experiments I did had roasts with a drying phase tasting better. So I dont do it