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Coffee types and charecteristics

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  • Coffee types and charecteristics

    Hi, I am new to roasting my own beans, and am a bit confused by all of the different types. I have done an internet search, but not been able to find much, and I am hoping someone will be able to provide some information or links to help me better understand the influence of :

    Country of origin
    Variety of beans
    Type of processing

    I am also interested in understanding better how the bean varieties relate to the type of roasting and brewing. So far I have been able to find some general guidelines for roasting, but am having trouble finding information about the varieties themselves.

    I am also trying to find more about how the different methods of brewing work with different bean styles - I love my drippolator, but assume a lot of people are aiming for espresso? I would really like more information about how this impacts roasting and bean selection....

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    Re: Coffee types and charecteristics

    Your tongue is going to have to be your guide unfortunately. What one person loves, another might not, and as you taste more and more, your tastes develop and change.

    The cupping notes in Beanbay against each bean are going to be as much info as you really will be able to ascertain without just trying them all yourself.

    Personally I think for drip coffee, lighter roasts work better (before second crack), but this can vary bean to bean, and certainly vary with peoples personal preferences and what they are used to already.

    The joy of roasting your own coffee is you will definitely NOT get it perfect first time, so youll end up with under/over roasted coffee compared to what youre aiming for. Taste this, and youll then be able to decide what you like the best.


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      Re: Coffee types and charecteristics

      Leonie, the best advice I can give you is not to read too much apart from the roasting methods used by coffee snobs here, and just do it!

      Buy a sample pack of green beans from beanbay, use a popper, wok, heatgun, but not hot sand to roast, and have fun trying the results of your labour.

      As you roast, take notes and youll soon have your own information and data on origins, varieties, processing, etc. that will be relevant to YOU!

      Enjoy the journey


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        Re: Coffee types and charecteristics

        Welcome Leonie... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

        As Den intimates, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes down to blending. Our palates are all so different to each other that standard fixed recipes will only work for a portion of us. Far better to tailor your roasting style with Single Origins first then experiment with Post Roast blending of your SOs afterwards.

        Some helpful info can be found here.... but remember these are NOT rules, just suggestions to try...

        Most importantly, have fun because that is what keeps us at it - Even after all these years... 8-)