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First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

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  • First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

    Hi all.

    A few random thoughts/questions regarding the first roast Ive done.

    I bought the green bean sample pack earlier in the week (thanks for the quick delivery!) and bought a Breville Crazy Popper to roast them.  (The only popcorn maker in 7 shops I looked in!)

    The popper seems to do a really good job, Ive only tried the Peru Ceja beans and they look really evenly roasted.  The popper is quite noisy and I wasnt sure if I heard the second crack or not.  On the first batch, first crack was at 4 minutes and I left it going until 12 when I thought Id better stop because I dont want them to burn.
    Second batch, after popper had cooled down outside, first crack was at 5:30 and I stopped it again at 12 minutes.
    Is the second crack likely to be heard on this machine?

    A few more details, I used about 90g of green beans first time, and 80g the second time.  I have used a steel can which I thought was primarily for keeping the beans in until I saw all the chaff blast out of it.  Should I put a cover on it to keep the heat in?

    Ive attached a pic, the flash on the camera seems to make it look like its not very evenly roasted, but it is really consistent and I cant wait to try them!

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper


    Firstly, they look pretty good for a first attempt.

    Now the interesting bits.

    4 - 5:30 min to FC is fairly common for poppers (fast); +6 - 8 more minutes until stopping, without burning is not.

    SC is difficult to hear for newcomers as it is much softer, like crinkling cellophane, but not impossible (though your Crazy Popper may be louder than mine).

    As SC is generally about 20 degrees higher than First, without temperature readouts Im going to assume your popper doesnt quite get that hot.

    Give them a few days and let us know how they taste.


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      Re: First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

      I used to get first crack at three minutes and second crack at six minutes at the most, if it went any longer than that they would burn.

      Of course with our mods we can now get 22 minute roasts with no burning


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        Re: First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

        I should add that this was done outside yesterday evening on the nsw south coast, where it was cool but not Canberra-cold. Probably around 10 degrees?

        Should I try to push the next lot a bit longer?


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          Re: First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

          I just tried the Ugandan bean which gave first crack at 4 minutes and I finished the roast at about 8. Ambient temp seems the same as last night, this bean just must roast quicker. Anyway it smells fantastic.

          Tried a single shot of the Peru this arvo as I couldnt wait. It was good - tasted a bit fresh though, so will see how it tastes as time goes by.


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            Re: First roast, using a Breville Crazy Popper

            Tasted the peru ceja bean today (60 hours post roast) and it is beautiful. I love a nice chocolatey flavour to my coffee and this is fantastic.