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  • Coffee cupping scores

    Hi there

    Im buying beans, and am wondering about checking the "quality" of the beans Im getting. For example, I know that CoE beans often have a score assigned and comments by a panel of judges that I can look at as a reference point, but is there any way I can find comments/scoring for non CoE beans?


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    Re: Coffee cupping scores

    BTW Im referring to green beans


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      Re: Coffee cupping scores

      I am not certai what you mean.

      some beans are big some are small.

      some have very few odd shaped beans others are quite variable.

      in a commercial situation where these differences can be challenging and the size of the batches big nd the human input/monitoring can be small this probably has value.

      fir the artisan situation were the observation and skill levels of the operators is high does this have less value?

      Or am i thinking about something different?


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        Re: Coffee cupping scores

        Hi there

        Im not referring to the bean size - rather Im referring to the overall taste quality of the beans.

        Im just looking for a resource to read up on the tasting qualities of green beans before I buy them, just like you can get for CoE beans.

        Sing Chee


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          Re: Coffee cupping scores

          That can be difficult.

          If youre lucky the seller, the seller may provide some notes. Some (like CS BrownBay) are based on actual experience, others are just copied or made up (caveat emptor).

          If youre buying CoE, you will usually get the jury notes for what youre buying. These used to be accessible on the CoE website (and were a useful reference) but now there is a $250pa fee

          If youre outside Australia, you can buy from Sweet Marias in the US -- Toms cupping notes are excellent.
          They are archived, so looking back through them can give guidance on regional characteristics (up to a point,
          these notes also show very clearly that there can be big differences between coffees from the same or nearby regions).

          Some buying consortia such as Mercanta give worthwhile notes, but again not generally applicable beyond the specific coffee described.