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Trying to Find the Love Again...

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  • Trying to Find the Love Again...

    So, I lost the love of home roasting about 12 months or so ago (I hear gasps of dismay all around!) Since then, Ive been mostly buying pre-roasted beans unless Ive gotten desperate and finally thrown a cup full in the GeneCafe, but it was usually only just to get me by until I could get some more pro-roasted beans.

    I was sitting there this morning, contemplating life and the fact that I only had one more coffee left in my grinder so Id have to run out and try and find somewhere handy on a Sunday to buy some pre-roasted (not an easy task in Ipswich, trust me!), when I thought "Hang on, why is it that I dont like roasting any more? I used to love it."

    It came down to two things:-[list bull-blueball][*]I havent liked the flavour of my home roasts for quite some time. I put this down to the fact that Pete had put a halt on my buying greens, so most of the stuff Ive been roasting lately have been my less liked beans; and[*]I just dont enjoy the process any more.[/list]

    Then I had a "eureka" moment...I dont enjoy the process, nor the flavour, and I hadnt really since I stopped wok roasting.

    So, I fired up the good old barbecue, gave the wok a good clean out and threw 250g of greens in.

    Not only did I realise that I really missed the whole organic, hands-on feel of roasting in a wok - watching the colours develop, hearing those cracks and getting a face full of smoke and a burnt hand from the heat, but Ive also missed the slightly smokey but full-bodied flavour that comes with roasting in a pan. THAT was what was missing!

    So, in a nutshell, Im obviously a simple gal, with simple tastes and Id managed to take the passion out of roasting by going too high tech.

    Keep your eye out for a second-hand GeneCafe coming onto the For Sale board soon.


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    Re: Trying to Find the Love Again...

    Thats a great story Di and for me what its all about...

    Its not what gear you have, more how you do it to get that perfect cup.

    I remember visiting a plantation and drinking wok roasted robusta a few years ago in Bali. It was sort of butchered, but it was super fresh and they served it sweet with a little milk. Its not the way I ever drink coffee, but that cup was a special one.

    Enjoy it, however you do!



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      Re: Trying to Find the Love Again...

      Well, you always know that if you come up to Brisbane, I can give you just as special a cup!

      It was funny, though - the house up here is so much more cramped than the one down in Newcastle and the neighbours are closer. I was 3/4 of the way through the second batch when they arrived home, came outside for a ciggie, then beat a hasty retreat back inside again. Probably wondered what the hell I was doing... ;D

      Wok Wules!


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        Re: Trying to Find the Love Again...

        Good evening Di,

        As Chris mentioned, its how you do it.

        Sometimes it is good to go back to basics, forget the electronics, the beeps, the whistles and go back to using your senses.

        Touch, feel, smell, look and hearing your roast, thats what its all about.

        Every now and then id like to get away from the coretto and use the FZ-RR700 Baby Roaster to bring me back down to the grass roots of roasting.
        Its just the using the fingers to manually spin the drum back and forth, hearing the beans roll around inside, smelling the different aromas drifting out at different stages and hearing those popping and cracking sounds without any fans nor electrical noises to intrude.
        Just the drum, and the stove.

        I hope you will keep your renewed passion with the beans and the wok Di

        Gary at G


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          Re: Trying to Find the Love Again...

          Di its the reason I love my popper and Ive said many times before I doubt Ill ever go to anything else, it does everything I want and I get that hands on (not as much as your way), watching beans change joy

          Fantastic that youve found where your heart lies with roasting