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  • BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

    Hi all, I have been using a Hottop for the last 3+ years and I’m not really happy with its on-going various mechanical breakdowns. I have read a few threads and seen some YouTube video’s about coffee roasting done on a gas BBQ.
    Can anyone suggest were I can buy off-the-self DRUM preferable in Australia and what would be the best Rotisserie to use for Coffee roasting on a BBQ.
    Can I use the Rotisserie that came with the BBQ or does it turn to slow? (I’m not good at making custom jobs) Any web links for Drums & Rosserie would be appreciated.
    I have a 6 gas burner BBQ with a temperature gauge built-in

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    Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

    There is the Babyroaster that matches your request, though I believe that its not really that large

    How big a batch do you wish to roast?

    Coffee Roasters have the BabyRoaster if that is suitable for your needs, otherwise, you may have to fabricate something bespoke


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      Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

      Hi Laughing@Fate thanks for the info, looks a little small. I would like to roast size between 500g - 800g.

      I have seem a drum on ebay made in the US but its Aluminum, I am presuming this would not be best material to use or does it not matter?

      Stainless Steel would be better?


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        Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum


        Dont know of anywhere in AUS that you can buy an off the shelf drum for the BBQ.

        There have been many items touted as possible drums over the years, but most are McGuyver jobs.

        I dug up a thread from 2009 that might be useful:
        There is some doco attached to my reply in that thread that shows how my setup hangs together. And boy, the drum is cleaner in that picture than it has been since about.... 2004!

        I have only ever used the wiper motor on my setup. It runs at ~55rpm. Most rotisserie motors seem to run at aorund 5 to 8 rpm. Not sure if it makes a difference one way or the other really.

        If I was in the US, I would certainly contemplate buying a setup from the specialist mob over there. One day I might even splash out on the 4lb drum if I can justify the freight (or con someone into bringing it home with them).

        Good luck in your quest. I love the BBQ drum and have enjoyed it for about 7 years now!



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          Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

          Gday Warwick,

          Ive just started fiddling with a BBQ drum roaster and initially tried using a rotisserie motor. Its way too slow, the beans were peeping out the holes of the drum and scorching as they passed over the burner.

          My second attempt was with a cordless drill, which worked much better, you gotta keep the beans tumbling.

          I had seen the rotisserie drum in a camping store and ended up stumbling across a cutlery holder (pictured) in Kmart. I bought a couple. At $4 each, what else would I do?  [smiley=wink.gif]

          It looks to be good for at least 400g batches, but its early days yet. Progress on this roaster has been slow, Ive been tweaking another roaster project as well.

          I think the real merit in a drum roaster is that it removes the more unreliable components from the equation. Ive had one heatgun and one breadmaker fail, both mid-roast. Whether I end up using a wiper motor or a cordless drill, I think the reliability is sure to improve. I think the drill will keep going and Ive never broken a BBQ.  [smiley=cheesy.gif]

          Try this link for some ideas-



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            Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

            Thanks for the info fatboy & mtee.
            I am now definitely will only be looking for a Stainless Steel drum. I did see the cordless drill on a youtube video and my initial reaction was that’s nuts, but it simple, works, it has the speed and I already have one. So this will be my motor and will be ditching the rotisserie that came with the BBQ.

            The problem now is I can’t really find a drum that lets you eject the beans from the middle of the cylinder as in fatboy custom made one.


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              Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

              You could always try a metal fabricator, they should be able to whip one up out of perforated stainless steel pretty easily.


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                Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

                Have a look below (need 5 posts to get the link to work : )

                $85 for the stainless drum


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                  Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

                  next one down (nearly there)


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                    Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

                    Here we go



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                      Re: BBQ-GAS / Rotisserie & Drum

                      the suspense ;D


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                        It's been a while for this thread so I thought I'd reawaken it! I bought a 5lb stainless perforated drum similar to an RK drum from off Gumtree Australia. Having used it for a few months now I'd definitely rate it. If I were to do it again I'd just have one made up locally out of a sheet of perforated stainless steel, cut to size and bent into a drum. Would not be too difficult for a competent tradesman with the right gear. I reckon at a pinch I could even do it myself by wrapping the said sheet around a mould and welding/riveting the seam. The mould need only be a section of steel pipe the right diameter for the job. I might even pop the steel pipe into the roaster and try that!


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                          G'day Harvo...

                          If you're able to, try checking out or ringing around Wood Heater installation providers. They often use S/S seamless tubing, both solid and perforated, for Flu installations in various diameters. They nearly always have off-cuts after finishing jobs, so might be worth a try...