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  • poppers

    Hello everyone out there Im a new beginner roasting beans in a pop corn machine & doing it by sound for now while waiting for a laser thermo gun to arrive off eBay first crack at about 3 mins rolloing crack about 3.5 mins then second crack around 7+ mins, the coffee is sooooo much better than the commercial stuff....any tips from anyone would be greatfully recived

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    Re: poppers

    Attached the construction I use.
    The Sapporo can fits so well it seems it was designed for this purpose. The beers all right too
    I found it easiest to use the can opener from a swiss army knife to cut the top and bottom out of the can. The regular tin opener we have for the kitchen just made a mess of the can.

    Next step is to find some metal mesh to improvise a chaff catcher for the top of the can.

    Ive also got a Behmor which I use for bigger batches. The popper is great to quickly roast up some small quantities of beans.

    My timings are about the same as yours. First crack around 03:00 and dump between 06:30 and 07:00. The popper makes so much noise that I only hear the 2nd crack once Ive switched it off!

    I immediately dump the beans into a bean cooler, and they then take about 60 seconds to be hand warm and 90 seconds to be cold enough to pack away.


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      Re: poppers

      Another first time roaster here, i used a popper last night to roast 3 x 80g batches out of my Snobs starter pack (Brazil pulped natural, Peru Ceja de Selva Estate and Ethiopia Ghimbi). Similar results for all three - 1st crack at 3:20, 2nd crack at 6:15 and tipped into a sieve at 7:30. Quite dark, last one on the CS card scale (I assume that means CS10?)

      Now to wait a few days before sampling, thankfully i planned for the delay and am supping on some of Andys Espresso WOW! and yes, it is wow.