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Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)

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  • Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)

    So I have my Starter pack in hand, a 900w Target Popper, and am eager to get roasting...

    I had my first go at roasting over the weekend (with some green beans from a local coffee place - were meant to be single origin, but I found everything form robusta to maragogype in there - pretty sure it wasnt single origin!).

    Had pretty average success trying to roast for filter - first 4 batches were WAY to dark - tasted like espresso roast in the Chemex (I compared to to a similar single origin roasted for espresso & brewed in the Chemex). Those were about 3min to first crack, taken off at around 8:30 and cooled between to colanders (took about 5 min to cool)...

    So I realised that the cooling process was too long, so I built my first bit of kit (its a spreading disease - I was warned!). I cut a hole in the side of one of the kids sandpit buckets, and stuck the vacuum cleaner hose in it - works great!

    So the second batch - first rack around 3:30, off the heat at around 7:30-8min (tried a few different times), straight into the home-built cooler (1:30 to room temp), but this lot tastes really grassy in the Chemex & Hario V60! Not having much luck for filter roast...

    All the above observations were consistent at: 4 hours/24 hours/48 hours brewing after roasting...

    SO - I have my starter pack, my CS USB Temperature Data Logger is ordered (along with a CS card for a reference point)...

    What kind of times/temps am I looking for in my popper to get to a City/City + roast (if Im allowed to use these terms - they seem like dirty words on here)?

    Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated! (Especially by my darling wife - I keep assuring her that this will be cheaper in the long run!

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)

    First, a question, How long are you resting your beans? could be that the gassyness is just a case of sampling them way too quickly for them to have settled after roasting (can take 4-10 days for the beans to degas properly)

    Second thing, the city/city+ roast, Main reason we dont talk about them much here, because theyre very subjective and very difficult for others to judge if theres photographs of the beans. (not to mention, Ive yet to hear a good explaination what the difference between half-city/City/City+ is anyway)

    Which is probably why Andy (being the brilliant guy he is) come up with the CS numbering system, it gives us a good defined scale of what level of roast a bean is at when finished. The Coffeesnobs Membership card is useful for this, as it has the scale down the side

    I usually pull my beans directly after Second Crack these days, Tend to fall in around CS9 and CS10, Im not sure where that fits in to the city catagory, but its always quite, quite drinkable


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      Re: Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)

      Laughing@fate - thanks for your reply!

      Are you roasting for espresso or filter? That seems to make all the difference!

      From the large amount of filter-roasted coffee I have bought over the years (and without my CS card yet) the best I can describe it is that I want it without any visibile oil on the bean, with the leathery look/feel on the surface. When I get my CS card, Ill be more specific.

      Also - this is where it becomes confusing... A number of different coffee houses that specialise in lighter roasts have suggested that filter is best brewed around the 36-48 hour mark after roasting - hence my eagerness to jump on in! (And who can resist, right? )

      this is all very exciting! I love roasting!


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        Re: Popper Roasting - for Filter (Hario/Chemex)

        Oh, dont get me wrong, I fully encourage you to jump in and drink your coffee straight away, just that different beans/blends/roasts take differing times to come good. Jumping in early sometimes can assist you find that point.

        For the record, yes, I do roast for espresso, Im not sure about what works for Pourovers/filters, but though certain things change, other things dont. Ive gone through a few popcorn poppers in my goal to achieve coffeeness. Some were faster then others, others were able to push more beans, others yet again were rubbish at both and were quickly tossed out to be used as this thing wont work

        Yes, Popcorn poppers have a tendancy to change Batch-To-Batch, not to mention varying differences between individual machines and techniques. To give you a hard and fast answer as to what works would be to mislead you significantly, because what works for some, wont work for others.

        Having said that, Id say, watch, learn, and write down all the information you gather from your attempts (time and weight and CSnumber and ambient temperature and humidity, and tasting notes and... Yeah, you get the picture. it might help you gain a bit of an idea of what your particular technique and what your popper will achieve.