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Behmor Roast average power consumption

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  • Behmor Roast average power consumption

    well i have done 16 roasts so far and i have fitted a power monitor unit on the supply to the behmor.

    The consumption is averaging 0.47kWhr per roast ( 11c approx ).

    my roasts are on average 320-420g starting weight and 260-330 final weight.

    The $20 gizmo ( from jaycar) also includes a voltage readout and it is interesting to note the voltage has varied from 240 lowest to 249 highest under load. Not surprising it was noticeable when the voltage was lower that the roast needed longer.

    Very handy gadget - i think i will get another to check out how much the coffee machine uses over a month....

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    Re: Behmor Roast average power consumption

    Brett - not wishing to burst balloons, but youll find these not-that-accurate for some loads. For the behmor - it is probably pretty close since it is probably a simple resistive load.

    Youll find it probably over-reads power usage for things like your computer or TV - anything with a switching power supply.

    There are rather more expensive devices that measure the true power consumed. The "Power Mate" device from CCI does this (Im biased - a colleague wrote the software for this - the ADC has something like 18bits of resolution - it can measure the power chewed by a neon lamp!).



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      Re: Behmor Roast average power consumption

      Indeed these gadgets arent great for super accurate reading but for coffee machines they are perfect. However this unit does measure power factor so is quite smart ( especially for the $$)

      Whether it is true rms I dont know. I think it is but would only measure once per second. But there are now chips out there for around $1.00 which measure kw, kva etc so it may well do.