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  • My Behmor Roasting

    First roast a CS6 I think - done according to the book with the Peru beans I got in my starter pack - 250g on the 1/2lb P2 C setting. I dont think it got to first crack - cant rweally be sure actually as I have never roasted before.

    Second roast a CS8-9 I believe. I definitely got to first crack (or was it second?) - it weas manically cracking. 250g on the 1lb P2 C setting. I pressed cool when I saw the first signs of smoke - I probably was over-reacting but as a first time newbie roaster you never know right?

    So I also had the err2 on the Behmor doing the dry burn and Andy fixed me up with it but both roasts were done prior to the fix - will the fix make a difference to the results above or is it unrelated?

    Second, I also got the multimeter thing with the Behmor. Do I really just drill a hole through the left hand side? Dont I need a glan or a gasket or anything? A bolt to hold it in place? Anything? Or does it just kinda sit in there? I assume theres no electronics in the specified drilling position to worry about.

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    Re: My Behmor Roasting

    fixing it should in theory ensure that the elements stay on longer to reach a higher temp for the beans to roast at

    i drilled the hole exactly as per the diagram andy provided in the thread

    if you drill the holes correctly with the right sized drill bits, they should hold the thermocouple pretty steadily without the need of any glans or gaskets and it will just sit there happily

    no electrics in that area. just sheet metal

    make sure you drill exactly as per the diagram and you will be fine


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      Re: My Behmor Roasting

      first one is defenitely lucky if you got to first crack

      if youve got a plunger it might not hurt to try it, I under roasted one lot of beans a while back and they looked similar and were just drinkable as plunger

      second one looks more suited as a light espresso roast

      second is usually a bit more quiet than first, sorta like running your hand through roasted beans sound wise


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        Re: My Behmor Roasting

        First one tasted like crap. Second one is so so. Im going to try another 250g out of the started bag - the one from Brazil. Ill post some pics of how it goes.

        Installed Temp probe OK but there is no way it would fit a 3mm hole so I drilled it 4mm all the way through.


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          Re: My Behmor Roasting

          yup i had to use a slightly bigger drill bit as well
          probably the 4mm too


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            Re: My Behmor Roasting

            Originally posted by 4A6F78676A593F37383E0E0 link=1329446239/3#3 date=1329530073
            First one tasted like crap. Second one is so so.
            How many days post-roast are they ?
            Its hard to let em rest I know but worthwhile and pretty much necessary unless cupping.


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              Re: My Behmor Roasting

              I roasted them Tuesday. I threw the first one away but the second is at least drinkable.


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                Re: My Behmor Roasting

                So I did 2 (3) roasts today. Here is what my setup looks like.

                I roasted 250g of the Brazil ones in the starter pack.

                I made the mistake of believing what was written on the Interned regarding temperatures - I got up to 240 degrees and panicked and ended the roast. I also had trouble getting the RoastMonitor software running so I dont have that screen shot. Here is what it looked like:

                A CS5 I think.

                I did then re-roast it and it looks a little better here:

                Inbetween the first one and the re-roast I did the other 250g of the brazil, gt the RM working and also ignored the temperature info from th enet and just let it go. Im pretty sure it was rolling into second crack as it cooled. Here it is anyway (a CS10 I think) and also the RM graph.

                Comments and advice gratefully received.


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                  Re: My Behmor Roasting

                  Done a few more roasts now. Getting to CS10-11 a nice dark even roasts. I still don really seem to hear second crack - is second crack much quieter than first crack? Im seeing a lot of smoke when I hit cool so Im pretty sure Im stopping at the correct time. Using the 1lb, P2 C profile with 250g of beans. Im stopping at around 13-15 mins from memory...