Finally, I find that I have in my posession the same beans as a someone with a shop roaster flogging them to the general public. (Bean is Colombian Pitalito)

I was at said store and noticed they had what I had. Mine was roasted Wednesday and theirs was roasted... whenever it was roasted (coffee guy wasnt in).

This is the FIRST TIME this has happened - that I found the same source beans and was able to compare with what I had roasted.

So far, busy bee that I am, I have just been able to pop a bean or two from mine and from the stores into my mouth and give them a good chew. The store beans have packed way more flavour - tastes I associate more with a medium roast. My beans, though looking about the same, tasted flatter. Dull, in comparison. In roasting, I had hit 1st crack later than expected (after 10 minutes) and struggled a bit getting to second. I didnt want to go to second, as I was aiming for a medium roast. Im worried that I baked them a bit (probably 14-17 minute mark), and that might be what flattened out the taste. Has anyone had similar experience with that? I feel its an area I need to work on with my roasting after 1st crack.

Comments are invited, as always!

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