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  • Simons Roaster

    Ok... so heres my concept of a roaster (dont laugh )

    Its based on an old cordless drill, a tomato tin and a cheapie camping stove.

    the cordless drill is an 18v one set on low range, and fed 4.5v so it rotates fairly slow. The tomato tin has a bolt going through it which sits in the chuck of the drill. Picture a cement mixer hehe.

    The tin also has a few screws through it to agitate the beans as it rotates, otherwise the beans would just slide inside the tin and burn on one side.

    Im still adjusting the heat of the flame, and the distance the stove is to the tin. A mate of mine gave me a thermocouple so im using that to measure the temp inside the tin. To date ive done 2 roasts, one at 150 degrees C and the 2nd at about 170-80 degrees C.

    The drill is mounted in a piece of timber with a hinge so i can tip the beans out like a tip truck 8-)

    So far the timing of the roasts have varied, but im narrowing them down to 1c at 8ish mins and 2c at about 12-14mins. The coffee that comes out is delicious

    This is still in the prototype phase so looks a bit dodgy...
    Im open to suggestions and criticism

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    Re: Simons Roaster

    Who cares how it is done. This mimics what the professional roasters do and if you get the desired effect of getting the coffee how you want it, then you have succeeded, especially when you have used items lying around in your garage. Well done.


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      Re: Simons Roaster

      Thanks for the kind words stranger...

      Btw.. thanks for the thermocouples bruce.


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        Re: Simons Roaster

        Dude that is the coolest roaster i have seen looks awesome haha.
        I have a one i got off here.
        Do the screws agitate the beans as it rotates enough? My Behmor has pretty big kinda v shaped dividers in there, interesting to see how the screws who?
        Looks great tho mate love to hear how it goes!!


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          Re: Simons Roaster

          Well done and posted Simon.

          Just goes to show what grass roots roasting is all about.
          For everyone else starting out walking before you run, you dont even need a temp sensor in there.
          As long as you got a steady flame thats not too big and not too small for that size tin, and just look at the signs of progress through smell, sight and hearing.

          Perhaps you could try this.
          Moderate flame initially for the drying phase, then turn up the heat a bit when you see a change in colour in the beans. Then when you get that first crack, turn the heat down like you do and use the same gap you posted about first and second crack.

          Commonly known as the S curve in roasting circles.

          Bottom line is all about the fun and the learning as well as the taste in the cup which you achieved.
          And if people have worries about cost, take Simons example.
          Drill with variable speed.
          Camping stove
          Few nuts n screws for agitation wings
          Tomato tin
          Fire extinguisher

          Cost of the discovery of coffee roasting....priceless!

          Gary at G


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            Re: Simons Roaster

            Thanks fantastic - I think Ill build one so I can try and make some comparisons between drum roasted and air roasted. Great job!


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              Re: Simons Roaster

              Great idea, seems to have plenty of potential. Keep us posted on your developments.



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                Re: Simons Roaster

                Thanks for the encouragement guys.

                Ill definitely post up more as the design evolves... and it will... i cant have the stove sitting on a paint tin forever hehe.

                thanks for the tips gary. I had sort of been doing this by accident anyway i think. I had tried a few times to reduce the heat between 1c and 2c... ill also try reducing the heat at the beginning.


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                  Re: Simons Roaster

                  thats insane but really really cool!

                  Maybe try dropping the heat slightly between 1C and 2C so you can get some more depth in?


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                    Re: Simons Roaster

                    Simon, the chaff, does it make its way to the opening and fall out or does it stay in with the beans and require removal later?



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                      Re: Simons Roaster

                      a lot of it comes out... especially if you give it a blow...

                      What doesnt come out can easily be dealt with in the cooling strainer.