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Are There Any Beans That Generally Need Less Of A Rest Time Before Drinking?

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  • Are There Any Beans That Generally Need Less Of A Rest Time Before Drinking?

    Are there any beans that generally need less of A rest time before drinking?
    I go away a lot and would like to roast beans when I get back home and not have to wait 10 days before the beans are at there best. I am roasting in a Corretto with data logger and have done about 12 roasts so far and very happy with the results so far. Thanks

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    Out of interest what beans have you got?

    I find most fruity/sweet beans are pretty doable on day 1. I think the 10 day rest is the exception not the rule and most beans are allegedly best around 5 days.

    Could depend on what you like more than best/worst day.

    I would recommend you to sample the batch each day for 10 days and see what works for you!


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      Decaf WOW drinks well after day 2 ... Best bet is to try a lot of beans and see which you like best after just a couple of days. I find most beans aren't developed until at least day 5 or 6 and some well past that. I also find that darker roasts l will, in general, develop more quickly.


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        I roast mostly to CS 9 or 10, and consume from day 2 or 3 on.
        Some of the lighter roasts (say CS 8 or 9) and some of the more acidic beans (non-african & non-indonesian) take a bit more of a rest before I like them. Of course YMMV.



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          Thanks for the reply's.
          I have mainly roasted Nicaraguan and Colombian beans, and I have found I prefer the taste after about a week but quite often I have used most of them before they get to that point, that's why I thought I would ask the question. I have been doing 300gr roasts and just a couple of types of beans as I try and get the hang of roasting. What beans are considered fruity/sweet? I was planning on buying some of the WOW and giving it ago. I could probably start doing bigger roasts as well.


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            Sorry TJM but I'm not familiar with either of them, you should be able to get at least some sweetness out of them.

            If I use the Wahgi as an example around CS9 on the members card (on my hottop its maybe 1min or a little more before start of 2C on a 3-5 degree ramp), I get an orange sherbety/candy sweetness. You'll know if you go too light because there will be a lot of acidity.

            How dark are you roasting? Most beans seem to lose a lot of sweetness at 2C but again it's really about what you like.

            Assume you're talking about the Decaf WoW, agree with Smoky above it is very good early on. I think it is more a complex espresso style blend though so don't expect too much sweetness. That said it consistently produces amazing espresso!!