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Progressive Variable Temperature Roasting ??

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  • Progressive Variable Temperature Roasting ??

    I was speaking to a local coffee shop owner/roaster a few months ago and commented on his uneven roasted beans.
    "We mix 3 roasts of the same beans. Roughly 30% Med 40% Med + and 20% Dark" was the reply.

    The coffee was very enjoyable.

    After discussing this with another home roaster who came up with the idea of slowly removing beans (in +-20g lots) once the roast had reached First Crack and at say 220C onwards.
    I am using one of those copper coloured longish handled asian wire scoops that you use in a steam boat to fish out the food.

    It worked for me on the beans that I have tried so far.

    Anyone done this before???

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    I have never removed beans while roasting, though I often do two different depths of roasts and blend together. I don't like the idea of removing beans for a number of reasons, but like everything, if it works for you, then great.


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      Tks for yr comment.....In the interest of keeping the topic alive!!
      It would be interesting to hear yr reasons for not removing beans during the roast. I see no difference in doing 2 roasts with different temp/lengths then blending them together than removing some after a while from 1st crack then some say 1 min later etc.. Is that not the same as doing 3 or 4 different roasts and then blending.

      I have discussed this with another roaster and he agreed with this logic.
      Try for yourself...

      It would be good to have more input.
      Good or bad... current batch of beans is just brilliant and was roasted this way.
      Happy roasting.


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        I say go for it if you're interested. If I were doing it, I'd cup the separate parts initially to get an idea of what each is contributing to the final blend. I imagine keeping control of an ever reducing mass of beans would be tricky but i suppose it depends on your roaster.