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So I want to give this roasting caper a go.

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  • So I want to give this roasting caper a go.

    Bit of background about me. I am a long time coffee fan possibly not really a snob but I would be getting close. If I cant get a good coffee I just go without. So I got grumpy because I was going without to often and decided something had to change. Im a big fan of a cup of black coffee but it has to be good I leave the espresso's to people that have far more skills than me. So I have been focusing on Pour overs and Immersion type brewing at home and at work. So I collected the following.

    Clever Coffee Dripper
    Hario V60-02
    Hario Buono Kettle

    I was purchasing pre ground coffee which was my only option but having a pro roaster 5 mins from home it wasnt so bad. However that had to change so I got myself a

    Baratza Virtuoso Preciso Grinder

    That of course led me to the realisation that its pretty hard to come by an assortment of filter roasted coffee in Perth and the next step would of course be roasting my own. So I had a few discussions with JamesM off this site who I have known for some time to be a coffee snob and after some tips and advise acquired a few goodies (mostly from the shed mind you) including

    Panasonic Bread Maker (modded for constant running)
    Jaycar Temp Monitor with Probe (will upgrade to a DMM from CS soon)
    Ozito Heatgun
    Usual other mods for cooling beans etc.

    Sourced some beans. Not from CS this time as I will wait till I am ready to do a decent order.

    Did a dry run in the BM to make sure it would spin and to see how many grams of beans it would move around. Turns out green beans were the perfect size to wedge between the paddle and the side of the BM pan. Nothing I couldn't fix with a grinder though So I chucked 500 grams of Colombian in the pan and Fired the BM up had abit of a play with the BM height and temp to what I thought was a steady rise in temp. I reached First crack at 9m45sec and pulled the roast at 10m30sec. Turned out to be a CS5 looking at the card so probably could have gone a little longer. So that leads me to 3 days later I decided it was time to have a taste of the coffee.

    I called it a failure earlier but Im not so sure now it certainly is tasty. I dont admit to being able to taste every flavour etc like alot of people but it looks good in the cup feels good in my mouth and doesn't taste bad either. It is of course possible it will get better as it gets further post roast.

    So my thoughts after my first roast and diving in the deep end.

    Give it a go with the cost of roasted beans it wont take you long to earn your money back.
    Its a fun experience.
    It makes abit of a mess (but nothing you cant clean up)
    Chooks like coffee husk.

    Things I will do differently next time.

    Tidy up my work area.
    Be abit more prepared as things can happen quickly
    Get a new tile next time im at the hardware store
    Get a torch so I can see inside the pan better and get a look at the colour of the beans.

    Hope I havent rattled on to long. Will try and update this post with future roasts and my experiences as I go on. I cant post a pic at the moment as I dont have enough posts but will do when I get a few more posts up.

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    Hi Fozzle
    Welcome! It's a great journey - lots of fun, and when you're finally in the 'roasting zone' it is well worth the effort.
    Certainly your 9:45 to first crack (I aim for 12 mins generally) sounds pretty good for a first roast attempt - so you must have your gun settings pretty close! I haven't had any experience with the aeropress - but have read that they like the roast a little lighter. For espresso I drop my gun temp just before 1C then just after rolling 1C to give about 4-5 minutes to 2C - but depends what you're roasting for :-)
    Look forward to hearing about your journey

    Enjoy the ride!


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      I like to aim for first crack at around 11min, then for the brewing methods you are using, pull the roast about 30-50 sec in to first crack (rolling). mind you, different beans like different treatment. Be careful of certain varietals or regions which 'ramp up' fast (temp runs away).. they can catch you off guard. The best method is found through experimentation!