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To Any BBQ roasters out there!

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  • To Any BBQ roasters out there!

    I am wondering if there is any one else like me roasting on their BBQ?

    Any Experience in this would be a godsend,

    I am happy with what i have roasted so far, Each batch taste great. But the more i roast the more questions are going through my head.

    Not going into to much details on each roast cycle, but an example is as follows:
    I preheat the BBQ to 250C approx.
    Roasting times vary between 20-30min @ 210C to 250C
    The beans end up between CS8 - CS10 and are great.

    I have been getting the feeling that i need to be roasting at lower temperatures for longer due to slight difference in the bean colors.

    I have been getting rough estimates of time and temperature looking at what other people have posted in the "Cup Room" before i begin each roast.

    But if someone has an idea on times/temp and little things like drum rpm. this would be great.


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    Hi themurphs,
    I am an avid BBQ roaster and have been for about 8 years now.
    Roasting times can vary according to bean type, but I find the biggest thing that changes times is volume of beans roasted.
    I currently use a 2kg drum over a 4 burner BBQ. I only use 3 of the burners at the start and reduce this to 2 once up to temp.
    Looking at the thermometer in the hood, I usually aim for 260+ up to first crack. Once I get to rolling first, I reduce the heat down to low on the 2 burners. This will usually (unless it is a very cold day) take me to second crack if I want to get there.
    Now... the big thing - times.
    I roast either 1875g or 1250g batches.

    1875g - ballpark timings
    1st crack - 15 mins
    Rolling 1st - about 15-30 seconds after first
    1st crack completes - 17-18 mins
    2nd crack - 20-21 mins

    1st crack - 12 mins
    Rolling 1st - about 10-20 seconds after first
    1st crack completes - 14-15 mins
    2nd crack - 17-18 mins

    Ambient temperature and wind make a difference to me as I roast outdoors. Even though the BBQ has a hood, wind can still penetrate.
    Warmer weather, faster roasts.

    The rpm of my motor is around 40 these days. It was 55 when it started its' life, but considering the work it has done, I think it is allowed to be a little slower.

    I personally think you need to tighten up your times, not lengthen them. If you are roasting less than 2kg of beans, 30 minutes seems too long in my opinion.
    If you are roasting less than 1kg, then it is certainly too long.

    Feel free to ask more questions. I'm obsessed!



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      Thanks for the reply Brett,

      this is great information!

      I have been playing around a bit with motor speeds on a automated curtain motor but have resorted back to my rotisserie motor (about 5-6RPM)

      The Motor was about 60RPM, but i was unable to see the beans while roasting or hear 1C.
      I am in the middle of making up a speed controller for it and are now determined to finish it.

      I have been roasting 250g for starters just to get an understanding of the process.
      I think my roaster can do 1KG easily and will try to at a later date.

      My first roast i went to 30 min and your right, it was charcoal.
      second roast ( same bean) pulled at 21min and ended up with around CS10.
      My Last batch was at a temp of 250-270C. 1C at 11min-14min. 2C at 21min and pulled at 22min. ( CS10)

      I have pulled beans before 2C(<20min) to end up with a CS7-CS9.

      I have been setting the burner below the drum to low and the outer burners to approx 75-85% full for the entire roasting process.
      The BBQ i use is a Weber Genesis E310, The Burners run left to right instead of front to back.

      I now think different bean colors might be due to the slow motor RPM and not the temp.



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        I do think a faster RPM is better.
        The motor I use is an old windscreen wiper motor. It is a Preslite and I have found that this may be important as I have a backup motor (not a Preslite) that I tested with the new drum under load a little while back and it does not have enough torque to deal with the 2kg load. The Preslite motor (from the 70's) does.
        I would be interested to know what motor and RPM you settle on.

        Attached is a document about my setup.
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          I did not think about using a socket for motor connection!

          I have bought this on eBay and are waiting for delivery from china.

          I had a wiper motor and a motor off my daughters 6V motor car in my hand, but scored a low voltage(24vdc) curtain closer motor from a friend.
          Being a electrician helps with working out motor control.
          I will keep you posted when the set up is complete.

          I have to say your roaster is bigger than mine. my roasters dimensions are 300mm long by 120 diameter.

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            Finally i have put the coupling and motor together!

            I am happy with the final result,
            Tested the set up with 250g of "Ethiopian yirracheffe special prep".

            May have cocked up and need to readjust times of roasting (2C @ 16min)

            Motor running @ 45rpm.
            Hearing cracks now which is a bonus
            Nice even color.
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